Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 2 – Grammar – Articles

Welcome back to another ESL podcast and blog.  Today's special is on articles, and here are some of the rules down below. We don't use an article when we talk about things in general. We use a to talk about a singular, countable person or thing for the first time, or to say that the person or thing is... Continue Reading →


The Differences Between VR & AR

By Jiun Ting Yong To begin with, after the VR sensation, which was followed by AR a few years ago, playing Pokemon Go on your Android and iOS devices was and incredible experience . However, those two technologies were different -- which brings us to the real question: what is a virtual reality? Virtual reality... Continue Reading →

Wheel of Life: June Edition!

Oh, another brilliant month filled with turbulence, but now tapping into my "hobbies" section at a rapid pace, unlike anything I've ever seen before! Let's hit that one off first!   For those of you tuning in for the first time, this is an excellent exercise you can do on a routine basis: monthly, quarterly,... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of Virtual Reality

By Jiun Ting Yong VR is a huge dollar of industry despite it being a new one; and experts said it will grow by leaps and bounds. A lot of research showed VR is one of the fastest growing industries. People love VR because of its immersive experience. It allows people to enter a virtual... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Podcasts

Oh! My absolute favorite! And of course the "story of my podcast" will be in my podcast because I really don't want to write it out for the um-teenth time. I will talk about my podcast and the growth of it...though.  I'm talking about my two podcasts. Personal Development Podcast - Debut January 2016 Now,... Continue Reading →

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: The “How To” – Pronunciation Practice: Stressing 4-Syllable Words

Hello to everyone out there in the world! Today is a breakdown and pronunciation exercise.  The podcast features me speaking and practicing the enunciation of the words down below. ability accommodate accompany accumulate accuracy acquisition activity administer advertisement Agriculture allegation allocation alternative American analysis anticipate anxiety application appreciate architecture associate authority autonomy calculation capacity capitalism... Continue Reading →

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