Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 35 – Pronunciation Skill – Stress in Responses

Notice which words are stressed in these responses. Here are some sample questions. I love talk shows. I don't like sitcoms.   Feel the same way So do I. Neither do I. Feel a different way Oh, I don't. Really? I do.   Underline the stressed words in my responses in the podcast. I don't... Continue Reading →


Gary Vee: “Quit Your Bulls*** Job Because You Can Always Get Another One”

Posters comments on Gary Vee's LinkedIn page. "I disagree, why I didn't like my jobs last ten years it don't fit my needs.  So i quit for another low paying job so on due to lack of skills.  One time it took me two month to get a job.  Yes I was out there 40... Continue Reading →

Thinking With A Clear Mind

Boy, back-to-back emails changed the trajectory of staying in Thailand. Now, were these two important jobs? One was a blessing in disguise and my EGOISM took control of my thoughts.  The second one was beyond infuriating with ignorant ass women demeaning me for the third straight time, resulting in a FULL RESIGNATION of all services... Continue Reading →

Napoleon Hill: Cobwebs Continued

Mental Cobwebs   “1. Negative: (a) feelings, (b) emotions, and (c) passions; (d) habits, (e) beliefs, and (f) prejudices. 2. Seeing only the mote in the other fellow’s eye. 3. Arguments and misunderstandings due to semantic difficulties. 4. False conclusions resulting from false premises. 5. All-inclusive, restrictive words or expressions as basic or minor premises.... Continue Reading →

What Is Blockchain?

Written by content writer of The Arsenio Buck Show - Jiun Ting Yong What is blockchain? Blockchain was a technology to power the Bitcoin back in 2008. You're hearing about Blockchain now because Bitcoin boomed since the recession of 2008. The boom is caused by Japanese and Chinese investors. The concept is simple, but when... Continue Reading →

One Day Away – Spartan Race

Cardio, strength, core training, leg training....all of these things were done in bulk and now it's time to put it to the test. How do I feel going into the Spartan Super in Chon Buri, Thailand? I wouldn't say nervous, but not really sure what to expect.  Have I trained like crazy since my Spartan... Continue Reading →

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