A Producer’s Mindset vs. A Taker’s Mindset

Again, a comment on social media made my jaw drop in the wee hours of the morning. Some people are absolutely HYSTERICAL when it comes to the whole “what’s in it for me attitude, and I’m here to tell you that the Gary Vee Mindset needs to be completely destroyed.

Pronunciation Course Phase III | Relaunch!

ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to be debuting this again! The third phase of my pronunciation course is here and ready! It will debut on my birthday (May 15th), and right now you could not only get it for 50% off (just 8$), but you can upsell the pronunciation course II at a discounted rate ($8 too), and the first pronunciation course is FREE! So, for right now and for just $16, you will get three courses with  5 hours of content, homework, exercises, evaluations, the community, and homework graded by me! IT’S TIME!

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Pronunciation Course Phase III (Page link): https://arsenioseslpodcast.podia.com/pronunciation-course-phase-iii

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{Patreon Special} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Sales | Increasing Sales & Profiting from Greed

Yesterday was a day when I surprised the hell OUT OF MYSELF.

My student came into class and said, “this will be the last week I study with you.”

Due to greed, not only is one person affected but also the two who are actually relationship-building.

In the next ten minutes, I sold a package that I NEVER THOUGHT I’d be able to sell in a million years.

Other peoples’ miscues and greed can be your unbelievable profit.

In today’s Business English Podcast episode, I go back to the roots of SALES and show you how you can stop being so money-centered and so what’s in the best interest of others.

This podcast will debut on the 24th of this month, so if you want to access it, it’s $5 on the Early Access Patreon Badge or upgrade and get templates and coaching on the Business English Podcast Badge for $30 a month!


{Patreon Special| Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 5 | Is Being Lazy Good Long-term?

A ridiculous author wrote a book with one of his children in regards to “being lazy is great” and how “lazing around is great for long-term health.” Well, COVID begs to differ. News media around the world was telling us to stay home and not move when in actuality, brisk walks help strengthen the immune system. Being lazy makes your body lethargic, and will very well lead to underlying illnesses. However, academics say that being lazy is great and you shouldn’t work out. You guys know how I feel about these subjects, so in today’s podcast, I’m going to help you and identifying bulls***. Lol

Now available on the Early Access Badge and Business English Podcast Badge!


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | TOEFL iTP Structure Course Now Available for Pre-Sale!

Absolutely ECSTATIC to be presenting this to you guys! For the first time ever, a TOEFL iTP course will be available! 

Let me outline exactly what’s happening. This is called a pre-sale, meaning you can buy the course today for more than 50% off and it will be debuting to everyone beginning on June 1st! So, for the next 25 days, you’ll be able to buy it at a huge discount before June 1st. 

“Arsenio, what’s in the course?” I’m glad you asked. Here are some bullet points. 

  • Incomplete Independent Clauses
  • Incomplete Adjective Clauses
  • Incomplete/Missing Participial Phrases
  • Missing Appositives
  • Adverb Clauses
  • Noun Clauses
  • Missing Prepositional Phrases
  • Word Order Items
  • Items Involving Verb Problems
  • Incomplete/Missing Infinitive and Gerund Phrases
  • Parallel Structures
  • and more!

15 lessons with 2-4 micro lessons in each, so a total of 30-60 lessons with videos, PDFs, extra work, a community to come together and comment on different problems and much more!

All of this will be a grand total of just $27.  On June 1st, it will go up to $57, so if you buy now and wait until June 1st, you’re going to be in for a mega treat.

There’s more!

If you’re on my email marketing list, you will begin to get snippets and videos sent to your email box every day leading up to the mega launch!

The link is down below with the other links, so tune in!

TOEFL iTP Course


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Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 37 | Is The Internet Bad?

Because of big tech companies and social media giants, all of which are clamping down on disinformation, older generations are pointing fingers at why the internet is so bad. Conspiracy theory-pushing YouTube channels have a free-flowing cesspool of comments stating, “I got off social media 3 months ago; best decision I’ve ever made.” Yet, you’re still on social media, on YouTube, commenting and sharing your opinion?

There are two sides of a talisman that you must pick up every day — PMA and NMA. One is being positive and the other one is being negative. The ample amount of opportunity that’s readily available to everyone who knows a specific skill online — is something we’ve never had in our past.

If you could fully utilize and use the inter, social media platforms and other pieces of technology to help better humanity, then you wouldn’t be part of the pity party.


TOEFL iTP Course Coming to Podia!

Has grammar always been a problem for you?

I get it. 

No, really. 

When I started tutoring in Rangsit, a province just on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, it was difficult to explain what present perfect meant and took two hours to explain the concept. 

Since then, now I’m the top 1% in terms of TOEFL teaching on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, etc. 

I also didn’t know how much the SEO (search engine optimization) would direct students from countries all around the world to my blog, videos, etc. 

Given the fact that so many of my students tune into my TOEFL iTP blogs, today is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

On June 1st, my TOEFL iTPers who have been having difficulty with the grammar section (structure) of the test will finally be able to purchase the Structure part of the test. 

Oh, there’s more!

Pre-sale will land you a 50% discount, so you’ll save a fair amount!

So, Arsenio what’s going to be featured in the course?

Glad you asked: incomplete independent clauses, adjective clauses, missing participial phrases, XYZ forms, missing comparisons, missing conjunctions, missing negative words, and more. 

And you’re lucky!

Because you’ll be getting snippets throughout the entire month of what’s to come!

Consider yourself one of my loyal followers!

So, when the pre-sale launch is official, you’ll be the first to get it!

Stay tuned!

Instagram for Information

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This is one of my famous badges, and although I will be making a switch to Podia to offer courses and other things (ESPECIALLY being charged at the date of your sign up instead of at the beginning of the month), this is a GREAT BADGE to TOEFL students because you get 2 free hours of coaching, 8 essay evaluations, and video recommendations. Also, you get 4 speaking evaluations a month, too. So the price tag is only $50 but you get over $200 worth of material + help!


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TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Because & Because of; Although; During or When/While

We’re back with another Written Expression! IN today’s blog/podcast, which will be a relatively short one, we’ll be talking about the confusion of the expressions below.

Certain expressions, such as because are adverb clause markers and are used only before clauses. Other expressions, such as because of, are prepositions and are used before noun phrases or pronouns.

Adverb Clause Markers: Because, although, when, while

Prepositions: because of, despite, in spite of, during

Sample Items

Because migration to the suburbs, the population of many large American cities declined between 1950 and 1960.

Before a noun phrase (migration), the preposition of must be used.

Despite most people consider the tomato a vegetable, botanists classify it as a fruit.

Before a full clause, (most people consider the tomato a vegetable), the adverb marker although must be used.


Instagram Story Questions

  1. Although/despite cats cannot see in complete darkness, their eyes are much more sensitive to light than humans’ eyes.
  2. Because/because of cheese is essentially a concentrated form of milk, it contains the same nutrients as milk.
  3. Because/because of its acute sense of smell, the bloodhound is often used in tracking.

TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Wrong Choice of Another or Other

We’re back with another fantastic blog! As stated in previous podcasts/blogs, my structure course will be coming out on June 1st! Book your calendar! I’ve set the deadline so you better get ready! This course will be priced at $50 and have between 3-6 hours’ worth of content. If you would like to wait until the Written Expression, the combo course will be $80. With these two courses, you’ll be guaranteed a phenomenal score on TOEFL iTP’s Structure & Written Expression.

Nonetheless, here’s another great blog on Another and Other.

Used as an adjectiveAnother + singular
(Have another sandwich.)
Other + plural noun
(I wonder if there is life on other planets)
Determiner + other + noun
(There may be life on some other planets)
Used as a pronounAnother
(Thanks. I’ll have another.)
Determiner + other
(“I have one book.”
“I have the other.”)

Another means “one more, an additional one.” It can be used as an adjective before a singular noun or alone as a pronoun.

He needs another piece of paper.

I have one class in that building, and another in the building across the yard.

Other is used as an adjective before a plural noun. It is also used as an adjective before a singular noun when preceded by a determiner such as the, some, any, one, or no. It can also be used alone as a pronoun when preceded by a determiner.

There are other matters I’d like to discuss with you.

One of the books was a novel; the other was a collection of essays.

There’s no other place I’d rather visit.

Sample Items

Willa Cather is known for My Antonia and another novels of the American frontier.

An understudy is an actor who can substitute for other actor in case of an emergency.