Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 15 – Vocabulary Skill – Changing Nouns To Adjectives By Adding -Y

Many adjectives are formed by adding -y to a noun. Form A lot of short nouns                   noun + y                rain ---> rainy Nouns ending in e                      noun -e + y ... Continue Reading →


Face What Isn’t Working: Part II – Graphic Designer Woes

I love doing these redo's as a way of showing you guys how to deal with scoundrels. So, as I've mentioned in a few podcasts before, I've had problems/issues with this specific individual in the past.  What's even more head-scratching is that I used to work with her.  Yes.  Everyday I used to see her,... Continue Reading →

Tony Robbins: Wealth – The Rule Book

“What would it feel like to know in your mind, in your heart, and in the very depth of your soul that you’ll always be prosperous? To know with absolute certainty that no matter what happens in the economy, stock market, or real estate, you’ll have financial security for the rest of your life? To... Continue Reading →

My Spartan Bag: Energy Gels

Now that the Spartan Race is over, I want to evaluate and see just how great these Energy Gels are.  In 2015, I didn't have any protein bars on me or energy gels.  On that specific race in Melbourne, Australia, I almost gave up.  Was it because I lacked energy? Or lacked Will-Power in general?... Continue Reading →

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