Paul Levesque (Triple H) On Jetlag & Worrying Won’t Do A ‘God Damn’ Thing.

With a colossal flight approaching in April (Bangkok-Singapore-Japan-Los Angeles-Arizona) and coming back, I continue to ask myself, “how the hell can I beat the jet lag?”  I carefully planned out my trip and even coming back, but with an even bigger trip to Hawaii looming large and a soon-to-be-debacle of a return flight, there’s no escaping the madness of what’s about to happen, or is there?

Famous WWE Wrestler “Triple H” has a way of breaking this so-called jet lag.

“During his peak travel period, Paul traveled 260+ days per year, performing in a different city each night.

Here is one of his rules:
Triple H: “When I landed, I would check into the hotel. The second we checked in, I’d ask them: ‘Is the gym open? Can I go train?’ Even if it was to get on a bike and ride for 15 minutes to reset things. I learned early that it seemed any time I did that, I didn’t get jet lag.”
TF: This absolutely seems to work, even if done at 1 a.m. and for 3 to 5 minutes. I don’t know the physiological mechanism, but I use it.”

For those who do unrelenting traveling for competitions and even for business, TRY IT!

Also, there was a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Marquez several years ago and Triple H was actually part of Floyd’s “the money team.”  Well, Mayweather asked to see Triple H and his wife at the time went back stage to say what’s up.  Floyd, with a fight looming within about an hour, was lounged out on the couch watching a basketball game.  After a few minutes, and even a couple of attempts, Triple H told Floyd, “Ok, Floyd, have a great flight.  We’re gonna get outa here.”

Floyd retorted, “you don’t have to leave, man! Have a seat!”

Triple H said, “aren’t you worried and nervous?”

Floyd responded, “either I’m read or I’m not.  Worrying isn’t gonna do a god damn thing.”

Wow….that’s a very unnerving way to put it, but Floyd went out and pounded Marquez unanimously after a 1-2 years layoff to claim a title (correct me if I’m wrong).

And there you have it! A story for the ages and something that could perhaps help you rampant travellers.

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