Colorism & Racism Grabs Asia By The Neck

This morning I was tagged in a very interesting post by my friend (which I will link at the bottom of this post) whereas someone got some opinions from people in Korea.  The things they actually said in terms of how they view black people was inconceivably disgusting.

One particular girl said, “most people assume that they are from Africa which means they can be made fun of.”

Another girl said, “black people are dangerous because we see them in movies shooting people and doing drugs.”

People can’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s not in Asia.

For instance, being a teacher of color (African American) here in Thailand, I’ve dealt with the most abominable racism over the years such as people saying, “ewwww, black man! Low-class! Pimp! Black people look dirty! We don’t hire black teachers here.” As that’s just a snippet and glimpse of the four years I’ve endured here.

Meanwhile, let’s shift the focus to a lot of sex tourists who actually come here for the wrong reasons….obviously for sex.  The men who go to Cambodia and exploit children, the priests from America in the poverty-stricken Khlong Toei slums in Bangkok who literally buy children from their abusive parents for cases of whiskey.

Some of these happenings go unnoticed in the news because the amount of money companies make from “skin whitening” cream.


This add made shockwaves just a year ago when CNN and other notable news outlets found out about it.  The logo of the brand was, “if you’re white, you’re already a winner.”

I tried messaging one of the lead people who was involved in this particular advertisement, and she showed absolutely no remorse.  What was even more alarming was that she didn’t know who Hitler was.


Korea has a much worse form of racism when they actually depict anyone of color by partially painting their heads and faces while mocking them.

The real question is, “how did this all come about?”  Why are blacks viewed as obscene, animalistic fiends and anyone of caucasian or anglo-saxon descent are viewed as “holy” and “pure” in Asian culture.

When I was in the Remnants War Museum in Ho Chi Mihn City last April, I saw the true nature of hell.  The unbelievable war crimes.  The amount of racism spewed by white American soldiers which is viewed as a genocide.

However, I tried getting a job in Vietnam and they have the same particular racism.  They hire whites first and blacks are the last choice.

If we shift focus and come back here to Thailand whereas schools such as NIST, Harrow and some of the most famous international schools in Thailand; even some of the language centers in the heart of Bangkok (Chidlom, Phloen Chit, Asoke) DO NOT hire African Americans.

This isn’t meant to be a pity party and this really does veer away from who I am, but this is what makes my story so magnificent.  I remember Oprah Winfrey said a long time ago, “if you’re a black man and make it in America, you can make it anywhere in the world.”

Although that may be true, but now it’s Asia.  During my darkest days, hours, and minutes just 3 years ago, to where I am now is the most drastic change of my life.  The people who are inspired by stories such as mine; stories of sheer perseverance and never giving up in the face and wake of extreme racism…can inspired thousands around the world.

People in Mexico, Luxembourg, Sweden, Iran, Mongolia, Peru + 60 other countries view my story as unimaginable inspiration.

See, throughout life, and as we continue to evolve as human beings, there will always be racism.  People pointing fingers in your face and telling you that you’re not good enough because the color of your skin among so many other things….but during these times is when your character begins to build.  Lots of people would fold up into the fetal position and give up, but always remember that your story can inspire hundreds of thousands around the world.

For all my minorities, colored people, caucasians in south American countries who endure whatever it may be, don’t give up.  You have a voice.  You have that voice to make a change, to change a perception, to share a smile….and you can do that one person at a time.


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