Tools of Titans: The Morning Routine of Tony Robbins – THE BURN OF TONY ROBBINS

RE-EDITED January 25, 2020

Over the past several months, I had received not one, but two emails from someone who is apparently from Tony Robbins “team.”

The audacity and privilege of these idiots living in America are beyond comprehension. First email was “could you please add Tony Robbins links on your post so your viewers can get to know him better?”


Free fucking advertising, you mean? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Has Tony Robbins ever said anything to me? Done anything for me?

I just shrugged it off until I got the second email days ago, and that blew me over the top. So, I decided to revert this into a TONY BURN blog, the first of its kind on my blog.

The privilege of the “uber-rich,” is unbelievable. Tony Robbins went from helping people, to apparently “feeding a billion mouths a year” (absolute bullshit because one meal doesn’t do a GOD DAMN thing to the subconscious mind), and now posting a ridiculous amount of podcasts and photos of him with “superstars.” Back in 2017, when GSW won the NBA championship, Tony tried uploading a video of “why did the Warriors win?” And he showed the players meditating.

This was all the build his sham ass business to begin with. Yeah, because Tony Robbins, the GSW won the NBA championship. Infuriating and ignorance at its finest.

He doesn’t help people like “us.” He boasts that he has helped people, followed by the “NOW THEY’RE MAKING 10 BILLION IN SALES” type of comments, back-to-back-to-back.

Stating in his Money:Master The Game bs book saying “don’t attach your identity with money,” only for him to boast about how he has helped people achieve their financial goals.

If You’re in Personal Development, there’s room for you!

Most people say “well I can never be like Tony, so why would I be a coach?” Well, you for one don’t wanna be like Tony because he’s not what he used to be. He used to actually help people without a ticket price, but now he’s untouchable. You’d be lucky to get a picture with the fool because his ego is through the fucking roof. The fuckers at the top: Dalio, Bezos, Robbins, and the other ignorant souls of the computer industry world…..don’t give a shit about you and never will….and this is why people like you are needed for personal development to help “NORMAL PEOPLE.”

And that’s it for this burn. This was because I’ve been slightly harassed by an ignorant soul who’s on an egotistical team and believes they’re privileged enough to fucking demand shit without not only showing a face, but not GIVING WHATSOEVER.

So, big fuck you, Tony — and your shitty team.

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