Education System In Dire Need of Change — & I’ve Found It!

Does anyone remember the Prince EA video ( that shook the world up last year?

Some of the antagonists stated things such as, “this is ridiculous.  How were we able to improve technologically without our education system now?”

Well, there’s a massive difference.  There’s a different between systematically sitting in a classroom without communicating and collaborating with one another – and then there’s going to an international school that has between 20-60 different nationalities.  A place where there are no boundaries, color, creed, religion, or racial involvement.  A school where people with turbans can run the halls with their ‘white’ friends and Africans have classmates from all over the world talking to him – not about his color, either.

That society truly exists.  I took a stance on YouTube, backing the colored people here in Thailand, to getting an invitation to a euphoric bubble in the heart of Bangkok.

As I walked through this school, I heard languages popping up from everyone, energy levels extremely high, people with smiles on their faces, little girls of all nationalities coming up to me and asking for my name rather than standing behind their teacher because I looked different from them.

A social area where lots of students gather to eat lunch with over 40 different nationalities high-fiving each other, smiling, laughing, listening to each other’s music, and all of them were “different.”

I saw 7 year old girls making lunch while tasting their own ingredients, I saw a 15 year old writing and composing music among so many other things.

Get this, this school doesn’t have subjects.

That’s right, elementary schools through high schools we are forced to learn things that aren’t in sync with our core genius or definite chief-aim in life.  Alot of pseudo teachers in Thailand say, “Thai students are lazy,” but maybe they’re just lazy of this traditional style, bogus teaching, yeah?

These students learn in themes.  No text books are given and the amount of camaraderie that’s bestowed and instilled in each individual is gratifying because they simply don’t leave one another behind.  It’s a utopia where people, of all cultures, can exist amongst each other. In the end, they go to the likes of Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Tokyo Uni, & the ‘creme of the crop’ schools as most would say.

This has yet to be implemented around the rest of the world.

When will it begin?


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