Take Action – The World Pays You For What You Do

If you’re religious or not, we could all agree that whatever higher being is out there, including the universe, rewards us by taking action.  It’s surprising how a lot of people get bogged down in analysing, planning, and organising when what they really need to do is take action.

When you take action, you trigger all kinds of things that will inevitably carry you to success.  Let those around you know that you are serious in your intention.  People wake up and start paying attention.  People with similar goals become aligned with you.  You begin to learn things from your experience that cannot be learned from listening to others or from reading books.  We then get feedback on how we can do it faster, more efficient, and better.

You need to become action-oriented.  At one of Jack Canfield’s seminars, he held up a 100$ bill and asked, “who wants this?”  Everyone raised their hand or shouted, “I’ll take it! I want it!” But no one did anything until finally someone jumped out of their seat, rushed to the front of the room and snagged it out of his hands.

What did this person do that no one else did?  She got off her butt and took action.

So, wha stops us from getting up in events like these and take action? Here, I’ll give you some excuses.

  • I didn’t want to look like I wanted it or needed it that badly.
  • I wasn’t sure if you would really give it to me.
  • I was too far back in the room.
  • Other people need it more than I do.
  • I didn’t want to look greedy.
  • I was afraid I might be doing something wrong, and then people would judge me or laugh at me.
  • I was waiting for further instructions.

The first time Jack Canfield gave away free excerpts of his books to newspapers, he did it in a very unorthodox way that ignited a response by an editor saying, “how dare you tell me to include the little blurb of your book.  How could you assume I’d be interested in this little bit of unsolicited word processing? However, I’ll run your blurb and then some after reading it.”

Sometimes we’re unsure of how to do it.  Do it anyways and re-aim.  Sharpshooters were never naturally born, it required a lot of refocusing and re-aiming, right?

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