Different Types of Cardio Routines Aside From The Treadmill

This morning I kicked off the day running and maneuvering through traffic while people going to work stood on the sidewalks completely exhausted by looking at me sweat.  These mornings make my day because I have the opportunity to do therapy without a therapist: laughing, rapping, singing, screaming….who’s judging?

Nevertheless, I get most of my energy from failure 12 years ago in Track & Field.  12 years on, I’m still pushing my body to the limit (with proper recovery, adequate massages, and great nutrition).

Now, there are bodybuilders who get bulky big to compete; on the other hand, there are lean machines that are adrenaline junkies, such as myself.  I’ve always loved running, let alone running FAST.  I do a combination of things to keep my body guessing so I decided to share with you what my cardio routines look like.

Battle Rope

418464-zoomI bought one of these mammoths a couple years ago, and on mornings I didn’t feel like going running, I brought this bad boy downstairs, tied it up to a light-post, and went to WORK!  People stared at me in disgust (given the fact I was staying in the slums and didn’t even know lol) and that’s when I began the rapping festivals like it was an Eminem concert.  During these times, I met one of my first ever friends in Rangsit who would run 8 miles every morning.  On top of that, the two of us will go compete in a Spartan competition in September outside of Bangkok.  THE LOVE!

Here’s a nice little video from YouTube on what type of exercises you can do with this.




This is the behemoth of them all, and I wouldn’t recommend this for any beginner because the severity of what could happen.  What could happen? Well, regurgitation is the number one thing.  You would also need to do this with a partner, too, so if you don’t have someone else, you’re on your own which could be problematic.  You literally stack some plates (a weight that’s good enough for you) right in the middle and push it 5-20 meters (depending on how brutal your workout is going to be).  This is a full-body workout, but it will target your legs BIG TIME!

Stair master 


I don’t think I need to explain what this is.  I’m pretty distraught that they don’t have these in gyms out here in Thailand; however, America and Australia definitely have them.  This is my ALL-TIME favorite compared to the treadmill.

Box Jumps


The goal to doing box jumps is to jump up and hold in the squat position.  It could wear and tear on your joints if you immediately jump off and jump back on.  Instead, jump on and hold for two seconds before jumping down and hold for two seconds.  You will feel it in the glutes after about 3-5 of them. Also, do a combination of burpees so you can get the full body workout in.

Agility Ladder 


This could surely be a warm-up before going into box jumps.  Don’t do too many intervals because you can definitely feel it on the achilles.

Punching Bag


And here’s the last one.  I’ve never realized how much of a cardio workout the punching bag is.  Proper gloves and someone holding the bag for you makes for an intense 10-15 minute cardio workout.



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