TEDx – Common Traps of Speakers

There was a famed author at TED not too long ago who Chris Anderson was so excited to see because of his speaking capabilities.

What happened instead horrified him.  This is called the Sales Pitch.

If you go on stage, especially at TED, you CANNOT go on stage with intent to sale a product, especially yourself.  It’s all about giving the idea.  This particular individual said he had an idea worth sharing and it soon turned into an advertisement of what he was selling, himself and his services.  The audience began to get antsy and lost a lot of respect for him in the beginning stages; however, Chris Anderson went nervously up to the stage with his mic slightly on and told the man,

“I have a request here.  Could you actually tell us about the actual type of thinking you recommend, please? Just so we have a takeaway?”

The man went on to say that it would take three weeks to tell them the idea, but after pushing, Chris made him tell them the idea with 18 minutes instead.

Not only is this a greedy approach, but your reputation and respect is also on the line if you take the stage with intent to take away from the audience instead of giving.

The Ramble and Org Bore

Chris said it’s one thing to become underprepared, but to boast that you’ve come underprepared is insulting.  You’re wasting everyone’s precious time.  If you come on stage strutting saying, “I was thinking of what to say when I was coming over here.”  A lot of talks like this are meandering.  They have nothing to say.  It’s almost like a conversation with one’s self in the mirror whereas the audience sits in disarray, polite claps in the end and says, “that was hard to sit through.”

Having the special privilege to publicly speak is inspiring to say the least.  You could change one’s life completely just by inserting an idea within the mind.  If you come to the forefront with absolutely nothing at hand, your reputation is completely tarnished and you have canned a golden opportunity of making a name for yourself.

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