Wesley Chapman – The Self-Image & Control Story + Reply

Wesley Chapman, who became an entrepreneur as a teenager, had been through adversities whereas very few people have been through: sexually abused, abandonment, and the list goes on; yet he was able to change his thinking one day with self-talk.

Falling to victimhood and being that person who doesn’t take 100% responsibility of their own thoughts is the ultimate killer.  As I’ve said a many of times in my podcasts, I use to call myself “black” until I moved to Australia and was asked by a dentist, “so, what are you?”

“Black” I responded.

The angry stare culminated before he said, “excuse me? Don’t ever say that. You’re brown.  What’s your nationality and heritage.”

At that given moment, I realized I was told the previous 23 years of my life to call myself “black” which is socially incorrect.  In a way, I would also use that as an excuse to my tribulations and problems throughout my life.  Anytime I didn’t get a job, “it’s because I’m black.” Anytime the cops pulled me over, “it’s because I’m black.”  Anytime a girl called me ugly, “it’s because I’m black.”

ENOUGH! “Put the victim to bed and wake the hero instead.” – Wesley Chapman

Throughout our lives…things happen to us that leave an impression on us.  Most of the time we point out the bad things rather than counting what we’re grateful for.  So, when I started getting racial remarks spewed at me from Thais, I let those events control my mind and who I am.  People, especially my close friends, don’t want to hear the sob story and would much rather want to distance themselves from you.

Self-talk and self-conversation – telling the story you want.  I’m not the kid who had a father run off on him 16 years ago.  I’m not the kid who has a family that neglected me for being different (traveling).  I’m not the kid who’s just a shade in the American fabric.


I’m an intelligent, motivated, opportunistic being that permeates with inspiration and benevolence and can fill a room with laughter within seconds.  An American with a heritage that’s worth mentioning.  An America who inspires thousands of people around the world by my podcast and blogs.  An American who will travel back home to America, possibly Fiji, Ho Chi Mihn, Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne this year.  An American who will ultimately do a Tedx Talk somewhere around this Asian seaboard and tell people that’s it’s all right to laugh and break those generation-old cultural codes.

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