Do’s & Don’ts Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)

Seeing how terrible the weather was today, and with the peak traffic in the heart of the evening, I decided I needed to write something to alert travellers going or coming from Bangkok Airport.

Skytrain & Airport Link = BEST FRIEND

During weather inclement, traffic jams could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours.  Pertaining to today, I hesitated taking an elevated tollway into the city for a mere $3 USD; consequently, the storm came and the traffic got slammed.  Fortunately, for me, it was only 25 minutes docked off, which ultimately took away from my wonderful Mexican dinner at Siam Paragon (damnit!).  It’s better safe than sorry.  The Airport Link right into Bangkok Airport is just perfect and you don’t have to fight off those pesky drivers for deliberately making those non-stop, righthand turns.  The Sky Train, in the heart of the City, and Link to the airport runs on schedule and they don’t try overcharging you.  Period.

Lines Could Get Ridiculous

Is Thailand the most horrific airport in the world? (LAX….debatable for those who have traveled to King Abdulaziz in Saudi)…not necessarily.  However, I will admit that in the evening (those peak hours) there are a lot of clowns who don’t properly prepare paperwork and stuff up the lines.  Stand in your lines within 30 minutes before the 3 hour grace mark so you can be ensured you check-in exactly at the 3 hour mark.

Eat Before The Airport

This is just common sense, but a lot of people lack just that.  Again, referring to the peak hours…there won’t be any seats at restaurants and the problem is…all restaurants are before security and passport control.  After that, you got a bunch of candy and whiskey, and the last thing you want to do is get jacked up on sugar and whiskey before a flight.  Having something at your hotel or en route to the Airport Link (Phaya Thai Station has a lot of restaurants nearby) is your best bet.

The Further You Walk – The Better

This airport is massive, and that means the further you walk, the more services you have.  The early number gates (anything between 1-8 after check-in) are perfection because apparently there aren’t that many people around and you can even sit at a charging station to charge up all your essentials.  On the other hand, if you sit close to the duty free shops, the less likely you get proper customer service and a seat.

It’s Not The Worst – But I Fly Premium Airlines 

For comfortability, safety, and fearful reasons – I fly with Singapore, or at least equivalent.  Since I’m heading to America, I would PAY an extra 200-300$ USD to fly with my own in-flight entertainment compared to the despicable American Airlines, which only have a TV per cabin.  There’s nothing like flying for 12-15 hours, staring at the back of a seat.  Worst.  Decision.  Ever.

Save a couple extra pay checks and try flying Korean Air, Japan Airlines, ANA, Singapore, Emirates or others because America has stopped progressing in the aviation category for almost two decades.

Those are my tips!  Add any if you’d like!






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