Singapore Airlines + Ambassador Transit Hotel = Heaven!

Well, let’s minus out the Singapore Airlines.  Man, I’ve never seen an angry flight attendant(s) in my life until yesterday.  It’s amazing how they can switch emotions and actually care for the passengers even more.  Bizarre? Let’s dive in!

I saw this slender woman barreling through my aisle, wearing a Singaporean Flight Stewardess dress, and I thought something had happened; given the fact that she was mumbling stuff in her own language.  (LOL #1) It wasn’t just that time, she was snatching warm face towels out of the hands of passengers and cocked an attitude with a passenger before apologizing. I mean, the moon had to be out!

The second time was another older flight attendant getting VISUALLY upset.  The male flight attendant asked her for napkins and she literally slammed her foot down on the food trolley before scampering away.  Doing what? Speaking in her native language and pissed as hell. (LOL #2)

The tall and slender lady told a Thai (wadaya know!) passenger to put her bag under the seat. Let’s just say she didn’t comply.  Stress level is raging at this point.

She came to me and I was scared.  I thought she was going to throw a flurry of madness at me with her fists, but I maintained my cool before stumbling over my words (orange juice) before she made fun of me and had a laugh.  That was the moment where I said, “she switched from angry as hell – to happy.”  Ummm…this is bizarre.

She also took a passengers bag out of the stowage, gave it to him so he could take his ticket out, and then placed it overhead (again).  I mean, that’s supreme service!

I don’t know what that flight was about, but it was definitely bumpy and I think nerves were raging, especially given the fact it was so late.

Transit Hotel

Oh. My. GOODNESS!  Ambassador Transit Hotel is a marvel.  Just checking in, paying, and walking down these cozy hallways before reaching your room and being introduced to a massive breeze of cold air.  The comfortability, rain shower, beautiful bathroom, wall lighting, and serenity inside was pretty remarkable.  Why? There are planes flying overhead all night, but I didn’t hear a DAMNNNN thang! Just impeccable.

Upon checking out, I gave my room key card and she said, “have a pleasant flight, sir.”  Fastest. Checkout.  EVER!

The facilities in Changi Airport, ranging from movie theatres, to massage chairs, to bowling alleys, are amazing.  Here are some pictures so you can visualize what I went through.




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