Napoleon Hill – Definite Chief Aim – Lesson 1

I think graduation is bulls***! Why would anyone want to graduate from learning? – Vishen Lakhiani

Our entire lives we’re told to go to university, get a 4 year degree, graduate and the life/job will be there waiting for us.  We will end up getting a significant other, grow old, retire, then ultimately our calling will happen.

Vishen Lakhiani calls this “brules” which are the ‘bulls*** rules’ of society that tells us we have to live a particular way in order to achieve fulfilment.

I realized this when I had a coworker at a dental office Sydney, Australia, and she said to me, “we’re just glorified cleaners.”  I started evaluating my level of happiness with being a dental assistant, and it was extremely low.  I constantly looked at the time waiting anxiously for 5pm to roll around so I can take my journey back home before going to sleep and doing it all over again the next day.

What’s the motive behind being a dental assistant? Was I seriously working just because the $25 dollars an hour? Was I making a difference to the patients’ smiles? No, the dentist was doing that.

“So, become a dentist?”

Clean and fix teeth my entire life? Is that really my calling? Absolutely not.

It’s not until I came to Thailand that I started unlocking my true potential.  Seeing my little babies aged 4-6 grow into effective English communicators was remarkably rewarding.  I ran over a ton of speed bumps along the way, but now I’m getting students into business related universities, medical schools, and achieve their “calling” now.

Can I become better? Well, I have my purpose written down.  I’ll be doing a Tedx hopefully in Bali, Hanoi, or somewhere in India this year and that’s when the coming out party starts.  That’s called having a definite chief aim in life.  I feel as human beings we’re losing the gift of communication because we’re allowing and making up excuses about technological advances.  It’s time to get that back, and that’s my purpose.

What’s yours?  Here are my podcasts down below for those who are interested in Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success.  This is Lesson 1 – Definite Chief Aim. – Introduction – Mind Chemistry & Economic Power – Instructions For Applying The Principle of Your Definite Chief Aim

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