Travel Is Finished – My Review of Singapore Airlines, LA, Mesa & Sedona, Arizona.

Ahhhh, this American trip has come to an end.  The great thing about this is it’s not like my past life where I had to force myself to go from Australia….back to America and feel miserable.  No.  Times have changed.  I’m literally going back with two big projects on my hand and loads of other opportunities.  This is one of the biggest stepping stones for me because I don’t feel a bit of sadness whatsoever.  What I took away the most from this trip was just being around Americans.  Hearing the “hello” and “thank you” was literally music to my ears.  Time to cover some of the highlights of this trip.

Singapore Airlines Regressing?

Other than my last flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, it seems like service on Singapore Airlines is slowly regressing….or maybe they’re just getting on the level of every other airline in the world.  From the crazy angry flight attendants on my first flight from BKK-SIN, to the disappearing act and “male nodders” (asked him a question and he kept shaking his head up and down without saying a word) on the second flight.  Going forward, I might still take Singapore to the neighboring countries of ASEAN, but I’d much rather check out Qantas, Fiji Airways and a couple of others.  I will say that I don’t have problems with the passengers, though.  That seems to be the biggest problem with flying on particular airlines.

No Japanese Food On Flights

My first day on American soil was the worst. EVER.  Having got the worst food poisoning of my life, I was literally by the toilet for the first 8 hours of the day at my friend’s home in Beverly Hills.  What a disaster! The next day I was beyond weak trying to make my way through LAX, but upon landing at Sky Harbour International Airport and devouring some Chipotle, I was ready.  Not necessarily ready for Tough Mudder, but ready.

Get Out & Life = Movies of the Year!

Get Out was just simply amazing and never, from a vantage point, has there been a character in a movie who’s actually an “audience response” character.  Just remarkable all around.  Ending could’ve been better.

Life makes you think just how dangerous it could be to find life.  Here I am thrilled knowing NASA finds habitual planets throughout the universe yearly (which almost seems like monthly); however, now I’m very apprehensive.  Stunning movie and depressing as hell to say the very least.

Tough Mudder

I didn’t work out for the last four days, no pre-workout….just oatmeal and motivational videos on YouTube before my Tough Mudder.  The first mile was all jitters, but when you meet another samaritan on the course….boy! Does it go FAST! Especially if they’re gorgeous German women.  That was an awesome experience that left me sore as hell….in a good way.

Sedona, Arizona = Not The Same

Sure, a lot of you would much rather travel to Sedona in wintry weather (as I did the first time), but this time was different.  The vibe was off.  I wasn’t that excited and it probably revolves around not making prior arrangements.  DOH!

On top of that, we almost got extorted for a half a grand, but we did manage to climb a wondrous mountain and meet wholehearted people along the way.  Massive shout out to the Italian (family owned) pizza parlour heading outside the town.  Best pizza I’ve ever had in my life.

The Takeaway

The people.  Man, oh man….I’ve missed Americans.  I’ve missed strangers smiling, talking, and the use of basic social etiquette.  Yeah, you might think I’m crazy, but now you have a thorough idea of life in Thailand.  Also, there weren’t any dirty looks (except Globe, which is my friend’s hometown) which are very apparent in Thailand. I think this trip in general has made me become a much more grateful being in general.  Knowing that there are lots of people, including in my native country, who don’t care about skin color.  That’s one of the most wonderful feelings ever.  Going back to Thailand now….I’m just going to completely ignore the nonsense.  The white is better than black endless conversations and playing victimhood.  No more chemical reactions.  I now know my true self-worth, and man, is it amazing!


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