Napoleon Hill – Wife’s Creed

In relation to my Napoleon Hill podcast (below the creed), this is what the woman, who’s remarks carried her husband’s ambitions for becoming one of the most successful dentists in the state of Virginia, wrote down and made a copy of over her man’s desk.

” I believe in myself.  I believe in those who work with me.  I believe in my employer.  I believe in my friends.  I believe in my family.  I believe that God will lend me everything I need with which to succeed if I do my best to earn it through faithful and honest service.  I believe in prayer and I will never close my eyes in sleep without praying for divine guidance to the end that I will be patient with other people and tolerant with those who do not believe as I do.  I believe that success is the result of intelligent effort and does not depend upon luck or sharp practices or double-crossing friends, fellow men, or my employer.  I believe I will get out of life exactly what I put into it, therefore, I will be careful to conduct myself toward others as i would want them to act toward me.  I will not slander those whom I do not like.  I will not slight my work no matter what I may see others doing.  I will render the best service of which I am capable because i have pledged myself to succeed in life and I know that success is always the result of conscientious and efficient effort.  Finally, I will forgive those who offend me because I realize that I shall sometimes offend others and I will need their forgiveness.

Signed ……………………………………………………………………

Copy this creed.  Format the creed.  This is the basis and a lot of this surely pertains to you and what happens in your life daily.  Once you start abiding by a creed, that negative self-talk will subside and with these positive, self affirming sentences, you will enable the principle of auto-suggestion and start attracting to you what this creed states.


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