Reward Your Inner Child

People have forgotten about laughter being one of the greatest elixirs on the planet.  When you laugh, not only does it help your abs (for my fitness enthusiasts), but releases endorphins and feel-good brain chemicals.

Will Smith, who’s a remarkable and iconic figure (not just a movie star), has sent shockwaves across the planet with his interview just before New Years (somewhere in England).  His 30 minute talk inspired thousands upon thousands here in Thailand and someone even translated his entire speech  into Thai.

Children absolutely love to laugh.  Children love to play around and they certainly don’t care about criticism of others.

However, you know that childlike ego does what all children do – it whines, begs for attention, craves hugs, and acts out when it doesn’t get what its needs met.  As we go through life, it’s almost as if we have that 3-year-old child holding on to us and constantly asking “why are we sitting at this desk? Why aren’t we having more fun? Why am I still up at three in the morning? Why am I reading this boring report?

If you had a 3-year-old ing eat life, yo might say, “Mommy has to finish this proposal in the next twenty minutes.  But after Mommy’s done, we’ll go for an ice cream or play a video game.”  Your real-life 3-year-old would probably answer, “Okay; I’ll be good because I know i’m going to get something good at the end of it.” – Jack Canfield.

I rewarded my inner child recently when I traveled to Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Sedona, Los Angeles, Seoul, Singapore, and back to Bangkok.  My inner child, at some point, needs to know that I’ll be taking a break or a vacation.  My inner child right now knows that I’m going to Fiji in August.  My inner child knows that I’m always in high spirits in the morning when I do deadlifts.

A big part of creating more success in your life is rewarding yourself when you succeed. In reality, rewarding yourself for your successes keeps your inner child happy, right? If you don’t, you begin to get grumpy at everything.  after a while, it knows it can trust you and eventually deliver on your promises.  If you don’t, just like a real child, it will start to sabotage your efforts by doing things like getting sick, having accidents, or making mistakes that cost you anything and everything in life.

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