Some Ways To Complete Clutter Before Moving Forward

I want to ask all of you how many things do you need to complete, dump, or delegate before you can move on and bring new activity, abundance, relationships, and excitement into your life?

Make a list and choose four items from the list to kick off the completion.  I would suggest choosing the one that would immediately free up th most time, energy, or space for you – whether it’s mental space or physical space.

Clean up the major ones, and do this at least once every three months.  I’ll write down a list that Jack Canfield compiled.

  1. Former business activities that need completion.
  2. Promises not kept, not acknowledge, or not renegotiated.
  3. Unpaid debts or financial commitments (money owed to others or to you)
  4. Closets overflowing with clothing never worn.
  5. A disorganised garage.
  6. “Junk drawers” full of unusable items.
  7. A car trunk or backseat full of trash.
  8. Computer files not backed up.
  9. Desk surface cluttered or disorganised.
  10. Family pictures never put into an album.
  11. Deferred household maintenance.
  12. Personal relationships with unstated requests, resentments, or appreciations.
  13. People you need to forgive.
  14. Time not spent with people you’ve been meaning to spend time with.
  15. Incomplete projects or projects delivered without closure or feedback.
  16. Acknowledgements that need to be given or asked for.

What’s irritating you at home? Is it the insects that keep coming in underneath the door? The neighbors bad habits? Uncleaned kitchen floor? Super dusty patio?  One of the best things you can do to move further and faster along your success path is to fix, replace, mend, or get rid of those annoying irritants that annoy you and stay in your mind.


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