Basic Habits of Saving + Chart



Finally! After literally ten days of promising, I’ve posted this blog for you and you can see how amazing it is to save money and how it can grow.  Can you do this with a low-risk mutual in a compounding environment? Possibly.  That’s why I tell everyone who views my blog to get in touch with your financial advisers (free to speak to them) or consultants to ask questions!

There are those who are short-sighted and fond of pointing to the fact that no one can actually become financially dependent by saving a few dollars a week.  However, this creates habit, which is what I’ve been talking about for quite some time already – and will ultimately lead to you taking advantage of endless opportunities that could present themselves in the future.

Most people have the habit of gambling, drinking, excessive entertaining, and just throwing money away.  Imagine this for a quick second….just imagine you received a check from someone.  What’s the first thing that comes to mind? HOW TO SPEND IT!  This is what most people in the world experience.  We think more of how we are going to spend what we received rather than saving it.

The idea of saving, and the self-control and self-sacrifice which must accompany it, is always accompanied by thoughts of unpleasant nature, but oh, how it does thrill one to think of SPENDING. – Napoleon Hill

The habit now saving must become a regular, well grounded, systematic habit.  It requires more force of character than most people have developed.  In doing this, the other needed habits which lead to success: especially Self-control, Self-confidence, courage, poise and freedom from fear.

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