The Realization of Growth

Ahhhh….I stood before a class, the same class I haven’t seen in four years, with the biggest smile on my face.  The energy that was beaming out of me was utter elation.  The smiles on their faces seeing me speaking like a completely transformed being compared to what I was just two years prior.

More than 700 days of not seeing them, how was I able to change my language, the way I speak, and my life in general?  Well, the beginning of 2016 was the difference maker when I picked up a Napoleon Hill book and realized everything about myself was wrong and toxic.  Just this past week, as I’m still learning, I dumped one of the worst habits which revolves around labelling myself as a “black man” while playing the victimization role.  I’ve never felt this great before in my life after waking up the hero and believing in myself.  The negative language and the pity parties are gone.  The people who seemingly cry about everything…..gone.  Everything has changed and I’m utterly grateful for it.


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