Napoleon Hill: Lesson Six – Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a state of mind that inspires and arouses one to put action into the task at hand.  It’s contagious and could affect the people you come in contact with.  Have you ever seen anyone who was/is enthusiastic about their job? Big smiles, saying good morning, high-energy, willing to do anything to help their fellow work mates? I’ve worked with only a handful on three continents in the past 7 years, so it’s a quality that not many people possess – but I do compel you to start developing it.

If you mix enthusiasm with you work, it won’t seem boring and monotonous.  It can energize your body and you can get work done in half the time without any fatigue.

“For many years I have done most of my writing at night.  One night, while I was enthusiastically at work over my typewriter, I looked out of the window of my study, just across the square from the Metropolitan tower, in New York City, and saw that seemed to be the most peculiar reflection of the moon on the tower.  It was of a silvery gray shade, such as I had never seen before.  Upon closer inspection, I found that the reflections was that of the early morning sun and not that of the moon.  It was daylight! I had been at work all night, but I was so engrossed in my work that the night had passed as though it were but an hour I worked at my task all that day and all of the following night without stopping, except for a small amount of light food.” – Napoleon Hill

Here’s a great illustration of how ‘zoned in’ you can be when letting the vital force of enthusiasm push you.  Some people are  blessed with natural enthusiasm, and others can develop it by doing a simple procedure.  Listen to my podcast down below to know the procedure!


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