Dale Carnegie’s First 8 Chapters On How To Stop Worrying & Start Living

Chapter 1 – Live In “Day-tight Compartments”

There’s nothing in the past that will help you with the present or future.  There are clues that are left behind, but whatever it is from the past that you needed to learn, you learned.  Beyond that, nothing is ever promised tomorrow.  Living in these day-tight compartments, especially for relationships, are essential.

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Chapter 2 – A Magical Formula For Solving Worry Situations 

This three-step process can help a lot of you at work, home, and just about everywhere else in life when things are going wrong.  Figuring out the worst case scenario for what happened about three weeks ago in terms of a side project helped me sleep at night.  Building upon the worst case scenario will give you such a sense of satisfaction and relief….only to find out that the worst case scenario never happens.  This is another useful technique for solving those problems that we deem to be gigantic.

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Chapter 3 – What Worry May Do To You 

I recall talking on my podcast about a study that was conducted decades ago on 10,000 patients who were suffering from stomach pains.  30% of them had developed stomach ulcers because of the degree of worry they were suffering from.  The other 70% didn’t have anything wrong with their physical being, so it came from stress.  Another prime example is chest pain – that which coach Urban Meyer suffered from during his tenure as head coach at the University of Florida.  Worry can bring pain to the body.

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Chapter 4 – How To Analyze and Solve Worry Problems 

What am I worrying about?

What can I do about it?

Here is what I’m going to do about it…..

When am I going to start doing it……

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Chapter 5 – How To Eliminate 50% of Your Business Worries 

If you’re in endless meetings where you going around in circles, complaining about individuals work performance, there are a number of ways you can get rid of that.

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Chapter 6 – How To Crowd Worry Out of Your Mind 

I didn’t know this back in 2009, but I realized how critical it was to keep myself busy during depressing times.  When I was getting over my first ever relationship, I was in complete and utter shambles – holding onto dear life.  However, after enrolling into fantastic classes and being around people who stripped away the dark past that lingered over me, life changed — for the absolute best.

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Chapter 7 – Don’t Let The Beetles Get You Down 

I recently watched U-571 to get a feel of how vicious depth-charges are, and my goodness, just imagine being bombed under 200 feet of water.  It makes all of those microscopic worries go away.

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And the Law of Averages….

Do you feel that you’re going to crash from being on an airplane? Struck by lightning? Be buried alive? Think again.

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