Cooperate With The Inevitable

It is astonishing how quickly we can accept almost any situation – if we have to – and adjust ourselves to it and forget about it.

There was a story of a woman who had lost her son in a WWII.  Prostrated with grief,  she had fallen apart.  She became bitter, resentful, reflected her work, friends – her entire world was collapsing around her.  She asked her self constantly, “why did you take my boy? This good boy? Why did he have to be killed?” It was so overwhelming to the point that she quit her job and was going to head for isolation and possibly suicide shortly after.

However, one day, the day she was officially resigning, clearing out her desk…she came across a letter that she had forgotten.  A letter from the nephew who had been killed, a letter he had written to her when her mother died just a few years prior.

“Ofcourse, we will all miss her, and especially you.  But I know you’ll carry on.  Your own personal philosophy will make you do that.  I shall never forget the beautiful truths you taught me.  Wherever I am, or how far apart we may be, I shall always remember that you taught me to smile, and to take what comes, like a man.” – The Deceased Son

After she read it, she reread the letter repeatedly and it seemed as if he was sitting right there beside her, speaking to her.

“Why don’t you do what you taught me to do? Carry on, no matter what happens.  Hide your private sorrows under a smile and carry on.

This lady did what we all have to do sooner or later.  Accept inevitability.

Being through so many transgressions, animosity, bigotry, and all other adjectives that are synonymous, I can relate.  We all can relate.  I’ve accepted the fact that I will never see or talk to my brother again for as long as I live.  I’ve accepted the fact that my family doesn’t like me because I’m “different.”  I’ve accepted it all….and now I can move on with my life.

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