Enthusiasm – Part II

Auto-suggestion is incredible because it leaves the strongest impression on the mind.  With suggestion, you can make yourself sick, and unsick.  Don’t believe me? Here’s a story.

In a little town where Napoleon Hill was born… there was an old lady who would constantly complain about dying of cancer – a fear she faced.  During this particular woman’s childhood she had seen a woman who had cancer and at the sight had so impressed itself upon this woman’s mind that she began to look for the symptoms of cancer in her own body.

Overtime she felt a little ache or pain, apparently it was the beginning of her long-looked-for symptom of cancer.

What’s even more shocking is that Napoleon would see her, years down the line, telling people, “Oh, I am sure I have cancer growing here.  I can feel it.”  At the time, she was pointing at her left breast.

When this lady was complaining about this imaginary disease, she would always place her hand on where cancer may be attacking her.   For more than twenty years she kept this up.

Guess what? Not shortly after that, she died.

I’m guessing you’re asking yourself what did she die from.

And where exactly was it.

You’ve guessed right!

You, yes…you who have come across this – can be sent to bed with imaginary sickness of the worst sort, in two hours’ time or less, through the use of suggestion.

I’m sure those who are actually reading this around the world knows someone who’s like this particular lady.  This is how powerful suggestion is.  This is how I’ve even labeled myself as a “black man” and suggested that for more than 28 years of my life – believing that I’m just a crayon in the crayon box.

People place a lot of suggestions on our mind.  For instance, look at ‘moonlight,’ the oscar-winning movie that won best picture.  This African American kid was called a faggot for the longest as a child.  What happened? He started questioning his sexuality, and because he didn’t have a father figure in his life, he grew older and ultimately ended up becoming gay.  Why? The students in his class would call him a “faggot.”

See how powerful that is?

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