The Most Disruptive & Purposeful Relationship

There are lifetime, life-giving, and purposeful relationships – the three types all human beings come across in their lifetime.

Here’s a story of the most disruptive and purposeful relationship I ever came across.

Satomi Nakagawa, Japanese born citizen, came into my life in 2006 when I was browsing Myspace (the first of the social media apps to launch) in search of new friends all around the world.  Barely knowing any English, her and I chatted as much as we could and stayed in touch.

After heading off to college, she bolted from Kyoto, Japan to Miami, Florida for school.  Some of the stories she told me were beyond crazy; nonetheless, she was learning English just about everyday and we began to converse more.

After a massive argument that resulted in me leaving my mother’s home, I moved into a bachelors pad with one of my best friends.  Over the ensuing three months, Satomi spontaneously booked an expensive flight to come to Vegas to visit me for 8 days.

This was the birth of my life.  This was the moment that changed my trajectory of life.  A promise that led to me visiting her in Australia (first time traveling abroad) a year later.  And, of course, when that happened, my life would never be the same.  I realized there was just so much more to life than just living in monotonous Vegas (yes, and I mean that).

12 countries later, here I am in Thailand traveling every 2-3 months to countries I’ve never been before.  If it wasn’t for Satomi, I would be back in Vegas on the same treadmill as everyone else, including my family.  Opening my eyes and seeing how gorgeous this planet is was the game-changer that I needed.  Realism at its finest.  The majority of my pseudo-friends back in high school went off to prestigious universities for bragging rights….3 years after graduation, they were either back at home or struggling to keep their face from ageing too fast.  Myself? I was petting kangaroos at a zoo across the harbour from Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia.

We have relationships. We have a tendency of asking ourselves, “why can’t we go back to the way things used to be?” That’s because you were filling a purpose (as Lisa Nichols has said).  When the purpose was fulfilled, Satomi and I’s relationship took a turn forever.  We tried being that “what the hell are we” couple before she cheated on me – resulting in a year-long abusive relationship with another student from the middle-east.

I was devasted….yes, until I came across Lisa Nichols episode on Lewis Howes School of Greatness show.  Then I realized that Satomi came into my life to fulfill a purpose.  The purpose of living abroad….and she did that in extraordinary fashion.

Thank you, Satomi.

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