I read one of Gary Vee’s post this morning and it said, “I am stunned by people’s ability to care about dumb shit.”

I bursted into laughter.

You know, in this particular podcast, I was in the zone.  It was a zone whereas something literally succumbed my entire being.  I was in a state of pure joy.  Jubilance, if you will.  I realized that “every little thing, is gonna be all right”….which are the lyrics of Bob Marley’s 1977 hit.  Yes, human being have a tendency of complaining about dumb shit, and we also have a tendency of falling into a puddle of tears when people want to walk out of our lives.

After adopting Lisa Nichols’ purposeful relationships ideology, I realized that a lot of people do walk into my life for a purpose.  For whatever reason, the universe pulled two beings together to create something.  However, when the other person leaves, we kind of run back and plead to the person, “wait, why can’t we just be the same as we were two weeks ago?” Well, because back there we had a purpose.

That’s the beauty of life.  It may take a long time for people to understand this simple, but  most abstract level of thinking…but when you do, you’ll be able to connect the dots behind you.  It’s a gorgeous world filled with beings who you will come across on a routine basis for whatever reason.  Some may leave dents, rant at you, make you cry, and so many things….but just know that with every problem…there’s a question.  With every question, there’s an answer.


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