The Night Before….Maldives

Man, just sitting here on the night before, pondering how I was able to get to this juncture in my life.  Even looking back and trying to connect the dots is hard.  Vietnam and Bali last year.  America, Malaysia, Maldives, Malaysia, America this year? I mean, how?

Is it because I’m an aggressive saver? Live on pennies? No, no, no….I live on a side of the planet where there are so many gorgeous islands around.  I have Fiji, which is only 9 hours away.  I have Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Tokelau, and other French Polynesian islands sitting in the middle of the Pacific; along with almost a hundred other countries within a 10-hour plane ride away.

A lot of you are probably wondering what I do.  Well, I’m not an English teacher, I’m a life teacher.  I’m a teacher of living life, and there aren’t many of us out there in the world.  I have an unbelievable job that allows me to take vacations when I want, and, of course, where I want.  I live in a country whereas I can save 70% of my salary every month.  I have opportunities whereas companies of all kinds are approaching me to teach there staff because I’m just “different” from other teachers.  All of these things happened after I went through the unbelievable amount of hell.

Yes, this wasn’t just given to me. I had to battle the senseless comments that revolved around the color of my skin.  I had to walk off a campus of a school because they said, “no, black teacher.” Some of our greatest motivations come gift-wrapped in sandpaper.  These things are all part of the process.  It’s part of the journey.  Don’t take it personal….although it’s on a very person level.  Just know that with every negative circumstance or circumstance in general, something is trying to emerge.  When that something emerges, you’ll understand why it happened to begin with.

I want to thank all my Asians, Americans, Europeans, Africans and South Americans from all around the world for tuning into my podcast and blogs.  This is the blog before serenity.  Am I ready?

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