Monthly Wheel of Life – Purpose Becoming Fulfilled!

Phew, big things and life-changing things have happened.  2 people walked out of my life, but it made lead way for the greatest opportunities to come in.  I hit an all-time high in my career, maxing out for the first time in my life – and the other categories are relatively high for this month…making it probably the best month since initiation 2 years ago.

This is a relatively short blog post because I talk about everything in the podcast down below; however, please make your own and see if you have a nice balance in each category.

There was a time that my career and physical environment fell below 5, so I began to re-evaluate what was important in my life and where the suffering began.  This is extremely important because the majority of the planet is probably below 5 in almost every category, but they decide not to do anything about it – resulting in depression.

Take the actionable step and complete your own person wheel. Would love to hear your feedback and especially in the categories that you might need improvement in!

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