Questions & Answers – How To Avoid Toxic Co-workers & Workplace Environments

First and foremost, thank you to one of my anonymous listeners for bringing up one of the most controversial topics at WORK — gossip!

These types of of environments hinder us and stop us from growing.  It could be an employee being nice to you in front of your face before bad-mouthing you behind your back; and even a boss who doesn’t give you any praise, but points out the seeming negative.  I’ve been there, in three different countries, and I’ve been around maybe 50 nationalities in all.  So, let me tell you a couple of ways you can steer clear of the idle gossip and ignore the ignoramus.

Step 1: If someone shows you who they are, believe them.

This was in Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea Goes To Jail’ screenplay, and it doesn’t get any truer than this.  These are the types of employees or people who show their true colors.  When you see it, completely void yourself from them.  For example, there was one time one of my co-workers overreacted to something so petty and bad-mouthed me.  I didn’t speak to him for the remainder of my time at the job, which was about a year.  Another similar situation happened when another individual was being utterly rude, yet…to another petty situation.  I never spoke to that individual again.

There are ways to handle situations.  Hell, there wasn’t even a situation to begin with…but people make something so ‘small’ into a big deal.  Instead of going on a rant and trying to embarrass someone, try to reason things out and at least apologize after the ordeal.

Step 2: Toxic employees will suck you into an abyss with no way out.

Employees, such as one I used to work with back in Vegas, complained about every patient, employee, and detail about her work.  What ultimately happened? May her RIP, because she was killed just months after I moved here to Thailand in May of 2013.  Am I saying people can die from being nasty? Not necessarily, but you don’t want to be around those people who’s goal is to criticize everyone in the workplace.  I’ve worked with people who sat in circles, complaining about the world….I stopped joining those “bitch” parties and went onto greater things.  Since leaving that party, I’ve exceeded my expectations as a human being and my life is unbelievably amazing.

Find a group and stick with them.  Don’t join the ‘ain’t it awful’ club.  Another example would be a website in Thailand where all the foreigners go on there, post anonymously – spewing hateful rhetoric about Thais and Africans.  These things will only come back and haunt you because what you put out, must come back.

If you want some more of my stories and steps, tune into my podcast down below!

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