Purposeful Relationship #3 – Linda

I love looking back on my life and figuring out what the purpose was of each relationship.  Probably not all, but one’s that left such a lasting effect on my life.

Linda Booker.  Ahhhh….just an odd afternoon at the College of Southern Nevada back in 2012 – witnessing Bruce Leroy and so many other interesting characters at a gym while advertising a clinic.  There was a lady standing by her booth giving people free water and she had some products on the table for show, but I didn’t pay any mind until the very last moments of the entire segment.

She offered us a free H2O drink (Herbalife), and being as groggy as I was at that particular moment, I certainly didn’t turn it down.  Within minutes after drinking it, I woke up and became alert in the snap of some fingers.  Full with B vitamins, she gave me a drink that changed the trajectory of the way I view health.  We exchanged contact details and went on about our day.  I kept telling her, for months, that I would go to her office and visit.  It wasn’t until the distasteful taste of a protein bar at 24 hour fitness that I realized, “maybe I should go buy protein from Linda.”

From that point going forward, she introduced me to a side business I have to this day and to products that I use for both inner and outer nutrition.

It wasn’t just the introduction to Herbalife, but I felt she was the mother I never had in terms of positivity.  At that time, for the last 2 months of my stay in America (leading up to the May 2013 departure to Thailand), my family and I had a very loud relationship where I tried staying away from them as much as possible (because of the toxicity of them).  Linda was my escape pod.  Her husband was also a father figure that I never had, either.

Sadly, Linda and I no longer speak because the purpose was fulfilled back in March of 2013.  When I finally reached Thailand, we kept in contact just for a short while until I realized we weren’t the same anymore.  I removed her from social media for about a year until I tried salvaging the relationship just a short while later.  Nope, she unfortunately lost her business and returned back to the hospital, which she resented so much.

What you have to realize people that relationships, such as the one I experienced with Linda, are called purposeful relationships.  After the purpose is met, the relationship will take a turn forever.  It won’t necessarily end, but it’ll never be the same again.

Linda, being a remarkable cancer survivor, is by far one of the best relationships I needed at that specific time in my life.  Going through a range of emotions with my potential employer (in Thailand) and my mother, it just seemed like everything was about to fall apart just shortly before my departure to Thailand.  However, this being, along with her grandparents and acquaintances, stepped in and made me realize how much life had to offer.

Thank you, Linda.  You’ve changed my life forever.

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