The Mastermind Group & Why You Should Form One

If you want to talk from a business aspect, forming a mastermind group is essential in personal growth because two-four minds are better than one, right?

Masterminding your way to success is pivotal.  If you can meet every week, bi-weekly – encouraging each other, networking, motivating one another…you’ll be well on your way to what Napoleon Hill calls “infinite intelligence.”

Look at Andrew Carnegie, for instance.  He had a mastermind group.  Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford would go on wintry excursions to their mansions in Fort Meyers, Florida.  They accelerated their growth in doing so, and this is one of the best kept secrets in humanity.

A mastermind group can be composed of people not only from your industry or profession, but from all walks of life.  Example, I’m a teacher of life, among so many other things, but I just recently renewed an old relationship with a brilliant individual who introduced me to marketing geniuses who are leading a global expansion team in Taiwan, Vietnam, China and the Philippines.  The four of us will meet on video 1-4 times a month.  That’s a mastermind meeting.

What this does is bring new thoughts, new people, and new resources together.  Bring people into the group who are “above” and “ahead” of you professionally or financially and introduce you to other people.  Sometimes when we’re stuck in our own narrow field, we kind of see life through a small lens.  Henry Ford was an assembly-line expert.  Thomas Edison was an inventor.  Harvey Firestone was a corporate management genius.  So their mastermind group brought together everything, including perspectives and different daily challenges each individual faced.

Another way of looking at this would be your circle of friends.  Yes, you are comprised of your five closest friends.  If you’re shy and timid, you know exactly why.  For instance, I’ll be heading to the snowboard alps in Flagstaff, Arizona later on this year with a Nurse and Dental Hygienist or are both comical beyond belief.  This could also be a mastermind group because I’m bringing together masters of their respective fields.

Having an accountability partner is also included in the podcast down below, so if you want to hear more about this, tune in!

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