Remember That No One Ever Kicks A Dead Dog

What does this mean?

Well, to be very blunt, no one would try to seek vengeance on someone who has already died.  For example, Les Brown once said, “people die at 20 but they’re not buried until 70.”

This is the reference I’m trying to give you.

“So when you are kicked and criticised, remember that it is often done because it gives the kicker a feeling of importance.  It often means that you are accomplishing something and are worthy of attention.  Many people get a sense of savage satisfaction out of denouncing those who are better educated than they are or more successful.” – Dale Carnegie

How true is this for the reader? Well, look at the circumstances you go through or have been through in your school/work related life? How many times can you count off the top of your head someone, being at your school or work place, denouncing you for whatever reason.  Literally inventing things out of thin air to drop your defences? This is what these “dead dogs” do.  It’s unfortunate we have to refer to other human beings as a dead animal, but I’m speaking figuratively, not literally.

Let’s put this into perspective.

First Story – Hubert

There was a guy name Hubert I used to work with.  Hubert was a very closed, cynical dutchman who hated everything about Thailand.  When I asked him about his past, he was irked and almost shut down the conversation.  Apparently he had kids with a Thai wife, and now they no longer speak to him.  There were several other red flags when working with him, so I decided to keep away from him for the sake of myself.

What ended up happening is the moment I made the conscious effort to say “enough is enough. I can no longer join this whiney bitch party,” I then became the talk of the language center.  He tried his hardest to have me retaliate to his primary school antics.  It could go from stepping on my shoes, to talking to teachers about books I like….degrading them.  Well, the coordinator came into my room one day and said, “some of the teachers aren’t happy about what you’re saying on the podcast.”  My jaw dropped and I had a feeling go down my spine.  I knew it was Hubert, so I asked him, “wait, you’re telling me Hubert put my name in on google to see if he can find dirt about me? You’re not asking him why he did that, nor are you telling him NOT to stop?”  As a “boss,” Upham was pathetic, but he hated confrontation.

Fast-forwarding it…that’s when all the dead dogs that I worked with: the sex tourists, wife tourists, pedaphiles, and sex offenders tried getting me fired by ignoring me.  Hubert, who was the culprit of it all, ended up firing himself because he had terrible complaints from the students.  His workload fell completely and I said, “you know what, don’t quit.”  The front office staff messaged me and told me to be strong, so I came back stronger than ever the next day, not backing down from the Gen B’s.  Why? They’re already dead….so-to-speak.  They’ve given up on life.  They’re running from the past and all I can do is have empathy and the awareness that I have to stay away from them.

Second Story – Ian

Ian, who is/was 70-years-old with a 30-year-old wife, was another one who was finished.  Like Gary Vee says, “if you complain in the first hour I’ve met you…you’ve lost.”  Ian would make smart comments and chastize the students along with another savage teacher by the name of Robert.  Ian is one of those guys who say, “hello, Arsenio.”  Later on that evening, he send an email to the head fool saying, “Arsenio is using the interactive whiteboard to promote his YouTube channel.”

I seriously believe there was something wrong in Ian’s head.  You can’t be my friend if you’re trying to get me fired.  Also, he would give me chocolates and print so much information about different things….yet talk bad about me behind my back? Dead dog – check.

What can I learn from all of this? Well, I’ve worked with people who’ve had insidious agenda.  I was the remarkably inspiring teacher…and I was shoved away.  Why was I shoved away? Literally speaking, because I was “color.”  Speaking from a more deeper level, I shouldn’t have been there.  This is why I ended up quitting.  I was working with a bunch of disgraceful pseudo-teachers/quitters at this particular language center and it was burying me more as the months went on.  When the above story happened with Hubert, I should’ve quit….but then he would’ve won.  Later on that year, I should’ve resigned and moved on. but I was fearful that no one else would accept a “black” man as a teacher.

Boy….was I wrong.

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