October = 75% of 2017 Is Finished

Today is the first day of October – in Thailand. Man, what a wonderfully and massively successful year it’s been for me. I followed up every month by doing my wheel of life to see if all categories are being fulfilled and if I have a balance. This year is a third done, but did any of you repeat what you did this year compared to years past?

One of the biggest problems in western society is that notorious “New Years Resolution” list; compiled of a lot of things they’re looking to resolve. The “I want to lose weight,” being a conditional; meaning it’s in the future and it will always be in the future. People being on course to get things done but just fall off. So, why do people replicate it over and over?

Everything is formed by thought, and thought turns into habit. Think about it this way, things that are on ‘auto-pilot’ (or what I would believe is on auto-pilot) are things such as going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth, taking a shower. However, society never nurtured the mind. A lot of people use their mind like a trash dumpster, listening to all the negative opinions of others. 

Since the end of 2017 is vastly approaching, I know people are saying, “I can’t wait until 2017 is over.”  Well, when 2017 ends, you’re going to repeat the same habitual problems as you did in previous years…in 2018. If you keep on using the conditional “I will, I want, if only…” all your goals and ambitions will forever be in the future out of grasp. 

Re-evaluate your life right now and ask yourself, “was this year different from last year?”  Because if it wasn’t, you’re like the 80-95% of human beings on this planet going through life without a chief-aim. 

Hard love! 

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