If You Can Pursue What You Love, You Can Be Happy The Other Five Days of The Week

That’s right.  Americans are rejoicing, drinking copious amounts of alcohol while watching endless amounts of sports on tv – in bars or at home.  This is just the society I’ve grown up in and have seen so much of.  I’ve seen fans fight each other, leaving the others completely bloodied up because their deferring beliefs of one’s team.  All of this is frankly done between Saturday and Sunday.  The tailgating, the burgers, the fries, the hurling of endless insults at strangers…..however, they don’t use that anger towards striving towards their goals?

Some people are creating resolutions rather than actionable goals.  People are looking to resolve problems in life; rather than getting ahead and breaking down their objectives into achievable micro-win steps.  This makes my heart burn…..

I see people drifting through life.  I recall working for a dental practice at the College of Southern Nevada, seeing and hearing all these dental hygienists saying, “I want to become a hygienist because the money – nothing else.”  Immediately after graduating, they have a kid (or kids) and for the next 30-40 years, they’re working scraping teeth for the rest of their lives.


People are waking up in America this morning saying, “oh no! It’s Monday! FML!”  Is that how life is? Because if life is that way, you really need to rethink everything.

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