100% Ownership

Personal responsibility.


If you focus on that…just that…you will amass endless amounts of success.  Why? Because it’s one of the most basic, fundamentally sound concepts on the planet.

How much ownership do you take in relationships? Think about it.  Those who are reading this right now.  Yes, you! Do you take 50/50? 51/49? 80/20?  What?

The answer: 100/0.

The finger-pointing, the blaming, the victimization shows that individuals just cannot take responsibility for what’s happening.  In the current state of affairs, it continues to happen all over the world.

From a personal standpoint, it was I who constantly finger-pointed at Thai women, saying that they only like anglo men and that they’re extremely racist towards anyone of color.  Well, two years after brainwashing myself with the opinions of other human beings, I’m now involved with who? A Thai woman.

See, past experiences dictate the present and the future.  Because of what happened in the past and being denied countless jobs for being an African American, I took that with me to heart and I created it as my life.  Sure, it certainly exists, but oxygen also exists.  What am I trying to say……I could be grateful for the wonderful things we have at out disposal instead of nagging about an uneducated being telling me that I wasn’t good enough because the color of my skin.

Own up to everything that’s in your life and make a change.


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