Our Greatest Motivation Comes Wrapped In Sandpaper

Phew, what a series of events that happened.  I’ve told so many people before about what has happened to me the past four years in terms of being a teacher here.  Let’s just say another appalling situation happened last night with no explanation.

It all stemmed from an email saying I was relieved of my teaching duties at a particular place.  I didn’t know what happened, but then people started getting in contact with me – people who I thought was at the center of me being released.

After so many emails; back-and-forth battles with ignorant human beings; and an emotionally draining day….I realized there was NO explanation of my release.

What does that mean? Yeah.  Let’s just say one place wants only “white” teachers.

This is the detestable reality that I deal with here in Thailand.

However, if we look at it from a long-term standpoint: “why did this happen all of a sudden?”  Yes, that’s what I asked myself.  During these peak hours — a place — where I have such terrible ride situations, is now gone.  But why?  These are the questions that dig much deeper into what’s trying to emerge in my life.  Maybe this company gave me this, but it was a dead-end road in terms of my career.  Maybe there’s a massive opportunity in the horizon that’s making it’s way into my life.

Never look at transgressions by face-value, but look at them as how you can prosper in the wake of the madness.



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