Wheel of Life – Month of November – The Change Is NOW!

That’s it, people.  After contemplating for so long and figuring out what I should do with the next step of my teaching career, I’m now on the board.  Come and get me, world! That’s right. My physical environment has dropped plummeted to a whopping three out of ten, bringing a big concern and action.

November was a tough, and a very head-scratching month.  Comments, which lead to lies, which lead to ridicule, then threats made me realize how great of a human being I am.  See, when you look at things face-value, you will fail.  You always have to ask yourself “what’s trying to emerge.”  After a dozen offers from Chinese schools, a school in Honduras and a couple others, I’ve been weighing my options.  However, Thailand has came on strong AGAIN with 4-7 massive projects, but it’s all about getting the proper documentation to work legally in the country — that means a visa and work permit.  After taking full-on action, it’s all about patients.

If this is your first time tuning in, I highly suggest you rate the eight categories 1-10 and see if you have balance in your life.  If you don’t have balance, make necessary adjustments to improve the category that you’re neglecting.

  • Personal Development – 8.5
  • Physical Environment – 3
  • Health – 8.5
  • Career – 8.0
  • Wealth – 8.5
  • Fun & Hobbies – 7.0
  • Romantic Relationships – 4.0
  • Family & Friends – 5.0


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