December Is Here – Rate Your Year!

Let’s see if there has been any progression in your life.  On a scale-1-10, 1 being the worst and ten being the best, I want you to evaluate the areas of your life — just like the Wheel of Life but over the entire year.

The areas: fun and hobbies, personal development, wealth, health, physical environment, romantic relationships, friends and family, career.

For each segment listed above, write down in vivid detail why you gave that particular category the score it has.  Here are mine!

Career – 9.0

BOOM! I’ll have to admit that I had two big separate projects back in 2016, but this year has been far more successful than last because I’ve done it ALL BY MY SELF! Literally.  I’m so proud of myself.  Regardless of what has taken place in the month of “change” (November), this year has been astonishing and next year I’m sure I’ll be maxing out at 10.0.  That’s an absolute given — given the circumstances.

Personal Development – 9.0

This was definitely the year I’ve read the most books in my entire life — and I’m not talking about “school” books, either.  The more I read, the more I applied, and then came the ability to apply everything in situations that tested my self-control.  Books such as Dale Carnegie’s ‘How To Stop Worry & Start Living,’ along with a few others, have changed my life.  Not only my life, but the life of others around the world.

Physical Environment – 5.0

Yes, there were times even at home that I was kept up until 1am because of hooligans and slum-dogs playing rambunctious music to attract prostitutes – literally. That’s no joke.  In a year that was filled with ups-and-downs in the workplace with some teachers getting a hell of a lot more than I; and then filled with threats towards my job because of racism — then was the turning point.  And that turning point is going to be the best one of my life!

Health – 9.0

Spartan Races in Kuala Lumpur and Chon Buri and a Tough Mudder (half) in Mesa, Arizona, USA……this was the best year of my life for races.  This was the best year in terms of body transformation because I look gorgeous when I’m naked (no pun intended), and aside from the few occasional sore throats, I was never really hampered by a severe cold.  BOOM!

Wealth – 9.5

This was the wealthiest year of my life.  Now, if might not sound like it because of what I said in the physical environment section, but let me list the countries I went to.




Layovers: Singapore, South Korea, Japan.

I was suppose to go to Singapore and stay there for the big Spartan competition next month (which would have catapulted me into the trifecta), but I decided not to.  These were some pretty unbelievable and memorable trips (especially the Maldivian trip – ) and definitely trump the previous year (although Bali was extraordinary and I still miss it to this day).  How was I able to do all of this? Because the money I saved up.

Romantic Relationships – 2

Now, there was promise.  A particular someone came and went.  LOL.

The second one….well, we will see how that turns out.  Ain’t nothing else to report in this section.

Fun & Hobbies – 9

Boat ride, night fishing, turquoise waters, Tough Mudder, Spartan, Hiking, Sedona, meeting wonderful people, 5-star hotels, travel.  Oh, yes, yes, and HELL yes.

Friends & Family – 6

Now, this came and went, too.  It’s hard to put everything into one paragraph about friends and family.  Well, not much of a family to be honest (as per usual), but the amount of people who have come and gone, including a great friend (who I think is still just angry about the entire situation that took place), was nuts.  I’ll speak more about that in the podcast down below!




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