Darren Hardy’s: Habit & Willpower

What is habit? Set of behaviors compounded over time.  All of us have habits stapled into our life that we’re not even aware of.  Sure, let’s point out the disgustingly destructive habits such as excessive drinking and smoking.  However, I can talk about other habits such as retweeting or getting in tweet wars with anonymous users who are online to troll others.  These are called “bad” habits.

Other habits we have are of course taking a shower (most of humanity, but not all), brushing our teeth, combing our hair, eating breakfast, etc.  This is all part of the program.

When we get rid of bad habits, what enables us to slide back into the same ol’ destructive habits? The slightest bit of uncomfortability.  A student of mine was talking about how he literally told a teacher, “I don’t want to learn from the book. I can read it at home. I want to speak.”  That’s EXACTLY what I’ve taught him for so long! Books can be read at home, but what can teachers give more? Nothing.  Most teachers mask themselves behind a book but they don’t know how to “teach” in general.  So, my student unwittingly pushed this particular teacher WAY out of his comfort zone – only for him later to say “oh, your student was a bit naughty.”  Oh, he was naughty because he forced you out of your comfort zone, ey?

I could be getting a little carried away, but teachers have a habit of NOT teaching.

In addition to this is willpower.  I feel this is one of the esoteric or metaphysical terms that athletes have created to “mask” another athlete as being “alpha.”  Willpower could be something that most people have who do Spartan Agoge’s, sure; but it’s definitely failed you and billions of others on this planet, too.  Let me give you an example.

You’ve tried willpower before and it’s failed you. You’ve set resolutions and you’ve let them go. You thought you were going to lose all that weight last time. You thought you’d make all those sales calls last year. Let’s “stop the insanity” and do something different so you can get different and better results.

Ring a bell?

Time to dive in!

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