Update: New Condo, New Job, Podcast Interviewee This Friday

It’s been a turbulent couple of days, people.  I do apologize for not uploading in a while, but I must give a quick shout out to that lone person in Kuwait who has subscribed to my blog! I think it’s amazing how I’m able to have a tribe with people all over the world.  I give these shoutouts routinely on my podcast, too.  So, here’s what’s been happening!

Because I’m moving into a new condo, the packing, which was commenced a few days ago, has been going….ughhhh — ok.  However, my time-management has been deplorable, ultimately taking away the time I have to do blogs.

Yesterday I had the third successful Wednesday in back-to-back-to-back weeks – landing the perfect dream job and getting a mentor/coach on my podcast for tomorrow evening Bangkok, Thailand time (the actual time – TBD).

Walking into this job place yesterday and seeing how this potential job has an entire floor of a building dedicated to them was ASTOUNDING!  The open-space, 360 degree view of Bangkok, and the lighting set up the atmosphere to be very welcoming.  Me, possessing a very strong intuition, knew it was going to be a fantastic morning.  Arriving a half hour early, sitting across from a very personable Englishman, going through what I would be doing in terms of corporate work and having my side projects enabled…..this couldn’t have been a more perfect job interview.  Now it’s just a small wait until life begins.

My podcast has taken a hit with views and other things.  Like I said on my podcast yesterday.  you’re going to have your ups and downs in any venture.  Don’t slash all the wheels on your car because of one setback.  So, to become well-known, I need to start collaborating – fast.  A man added me from Gary Vee’s page a while back and I realized that he was a coach just a couple days ago.  I hurried to ask him if he wanted to do a podcast, and he concurred.  This is going to be a fascinating one coming up tomorrow, so be sure to follow me on the social media platforms (which ever one is suitable for your country) below and stay updated on my twitter: ArsenioBuckShow.



New Condo Move

It’s been a very unprecedented couple of days in Bangkok – but luckily it will be warming up in time for the BIG MOVE! I’ll finally be moving to Bangkok, and what makes this story so unique is that I know that we all live in a progressive universe.  The universe likes ACTION! After the events that took place last month involving myself being expunged from a company because of racism and be hurled insults and threats by my pseudo “boss,” I told myself that I deserved more.  Not only that, I actually believed that something was trying to emerge in my life, which it did.

What came was not only 5-7 projects, but I made haste and looked for a condo in the heart of Bangkok as soon as I can, just knowing that the universe LOVES ACTION! And there were times that I was going to put off the condo until the end of next month.  If that had happened, I wouldn’t have gotten the job that fell on my lap yesterday.  New condo, new beginning, new friends, new everything!

So, remember to stay tuned on social media for the exact time for my podcast interview tomorrow!


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