Operating At Peak Performance

Operating At Peak Performance

So I was in something called a minivan riding from a place called Hua Hin to Bangkok when suddenly I was in a trance.  A trance of high-peak performance.  Some of you are asking yourself, “well, what does that mean?”

I’m not going to say it’s some kind of esoteric or metaphysical thing “out there,” but it certainly had me peaking at the right time.  Because the Traffic Jams happen in Bangkok at 4pm, I knew I was in for a long-haul.  I had a fully charged MacBook and a phone with some good battery life.  I strapped myself on to some tunes — which rarely works while typing — and I banged out 5 blogs within 1.5 hours.  Not only that, I wrote down my entire week’s schedule in my planner and it feels DAMN GOOD highlighting things that I’ve finished.

Three years ago on something like the same trip…I would be engaged in looking at rhetoric online.  I didn’t have a purpose, but right now there are people waiting for my services all around the world – and that’s what makes life so exciting!

I needed to train my mind – my subconscious mind – to attain this.  This is considered “downtime” to me, but I turned it into “performance time.”

People commute to and from work everyday.  These are the moments that are pivotal because if you’re able to listen to inspirational audios and prepare for the next day/week, you win!  Yeah, I can be at home making videos for YouTube, FB, and a potential new job, but right now I’m creating everything for tomorrow.

How can you do this.

I’ve been preaching a lot on my podcast and blog about Darren Hardy’s book and installing new habits.  When I wake up tomorrow, I have to take my pre-workout, get in a 20 minute workout, go home, cook eggs and bacon, do my podcast, create a thumbnail and head to work before 8am.  What time will I wake up? 5:30am to do my meditation.

A lot of you think that al of this might just come naturally, but your brain is just designed for survival.  You’re the one the implements the either good, or head trash on a unconscious level and a routine basis.

Start doing the things — the ugly things — in the early morning.  This will get the Big Mo going.  The mundane tasks are the first thing you need to take out, as I’ve stated in my Napoleon Hill blog.  Also, a good night of sleep will go a long way, too.

Become more effective during the downtime hours and prepare for core days.

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