Interviewee #6: Steve Pipe on Muay Thai & Cryptocurrency

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Interviewee #6: Steve Pipe on Muay Thai & Cryptocurrency

I went to Benjakiti Park right outside Asoke Station, which is a BTS skytrain stop here in Bangkok, and there was a meet-up of a lot of people for a community workout.

This was one of the very first days, which then turned into a many of days, where I just rebelled against going into work early – only to make the same salary again….something I’ve been doing far too long.

I came across this guy – Steve.  He’s a kiwi (for those Americans who don’t know, he’s from New Zealand), and within the matter of what seemed like seconds, we were talking about the universe, overcoming the odds, and we exchanged details almost immediately.

During a nap sometime last week, I woke up and told myself to ask the CEO of The Lab, Rich Cohen, for a podcast interview.  A couple days later, I did my first ever interview and it was fascinating to say the least.  On that same day, I asked my main man, Steve Pipe, for an interview – which was also a big success.

So here I am today giving you ANOTHER podcast interview!

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Things we discussed:

  • What was his job in New Zealand before his move to Australia?
  • Muay Thai in Bangkok and how he seized the opportunity.
  • Income earning and teaching, as well as sharing about his training and working in The Lab.
  • Personal development, goal setting and visualization.
  • Fear of fighting and winning the match.
  • Differences between boxing and Muay Thai.
  • What kind of mental grit there is in Muay Thai.
  • The monster opponent.
  • Mentality before the biggest fight of his life.
  • What’s Steve’s training regime.
  • How to diet as a Muay Thai fighter.
  • Introduction to Crypto and how he got started.
  • Blockchain technology.
  • Alternative cryptos and how to win.
  • Wallet exchanges and crashes in the cryptomarket.
  • Strategy to earn some quick return in investments.
  • How much he has made from investing in Cryptocurrency.
  • Negative news on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment.
  • Sharing about how to develop cryptocurrency investment strategy, research, learn about the projects and learn about the system.
  • Main goals and plans.
  • Upcoming book.



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