The Story of Nuttakul & Branding + Instagram Hashtags

15-year-old Thai student in a boarding school on the outskirts of Bangkok was getting very disinterested with learning the same-old boring, flipping page-by-page English, although I don’t do that.  Everything I threw at her, including different real-life English activities, didn’t move her.

So, instead of throwing the “historical style” learning system at her, I decided to focus on her core genius.  Yeah, the core genius….that most universities don’t focus on.  She has a knack in drawing.  I’ve seen some of them in class and said, “wow, you got some skills, young one.”

In doing that, last week I had her make an Instagram to showcase her artwork to the world.  They don’t teach this in any form of school.  I literally acquired this individual talent from the Great Gary Vee.  After she created the Instagram, she got a couple likes and a follow – followed by a sudden burst of excitement.

Moving into today’s work, I knew she needed to develop a blog that connects all social media platforms together.  First was the creation of the blog, then it was uploading one of her photos on Instagram, but she seemed a bit disheartened by the fact that no one liked her post.  I then googled “hashtags for drawing” and all these suggestions came up – 25 of them.  I had her hashtag them all into her notes on her phone and used them on her next photo, bringing 25 likes, 3 follows, and her work got promoted onto an influencer’s page.  Pretty remarkable, huh?  A 15-year old Thai student now has a blog, which was also followed by someone from America and a few others in Thailand in the first 30 minutes.

I never really understood the importance of hashtags, but now I know.  So, for all the books I do podcasts on and for all the common posts I do, I’ve created paste hashtags for each one.  Since doing it. I’ve gotten 20 followers and 50 likes.

Now she’s building her brand at the age of 15 and she taught me something I already knew from the past.


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