Napoleon Hill: Tolerance – Part II – How To Abolish War

A few couple of stories on tolerance and intolerance.

Recently I met with an individual who runs an online language center.  This individual, who seemed very vibrant at first meeting, has a lack of communication.  What I thought could’ve been a life-long partnership turned into a head-scratching morning (yesterday morning) simply because her lack of communication.

Let’s just say you have a wide-range of jobs sent to you every morning.  For the last couple of weeks, I would get jobs sent to me, apply for them, and nothing ever happened.  I applied for an individual private student and I never got a response back.  I applied for a pair of students and no response.  I then applied for a company about a week ago, and after asking me if I wanted to confirm that company, she pulled a hiatus two-days ago, completely ignoring me because of a mishap on another company.

I just realized that I hadn’t heard anything from her in the last couple of days, so can you imagine how payment would be? Can you imagine working with someone for a long time who has very little communications?  Extremely slow response time? No trust?

Absolutely not.

My tolerance level has been breached; therefore, I’ve gotten rid of that place.

Moving onto the next one.  It was an online teaching job for Chinese kids.  This was very promising and sounded so just a week ago, but it took them five days to finally response.  This came about three days ago and told me to add their Skype, which I did.  Three days later, and after sending a message on Skype and an email confirmation – no response.  Now, I’ll ask you again….how do you think payment would be? These are all red flags and things I’ve dealt with in the past, so be very weary of who you’re dealing with and trust that tolerant level.

Now, going back to Napoleon Hill’s Tolerance.

How To Abolish War

I had a very interesting conversation with the ex-deputy Prime Minister of Thailand at an event about 2-3 weeks ago and he told me that there’s a place in Virginia, that I won’t name, that’s the epicenter of all war.  Now, of course that could be over-the-top, but if you look at the past history and what’s happening today….what was the reason for all war? 20th century, as disgusting as it was, solved no problems.

Our conception of religion, politics, economics, philosophy and other subjects of a similar nature, including war, is entirely the result of two dominating forces: social heredity and physical heredity.

Also, the three great organized forces through which social heredity operates are:

The schools, the churches, and the public press.

Napoleon Hill wrote that almost one hundred years ago.

Think about it.  A lot of people, including comedians, have gone on to say “racism is taught to you; you’re not born with it.”  If you look at the physical environment, which I mentioned in yesterday’s blog and podcast, that’s very true.  If you’re born in a small town in Oklahoma, Nigeria, India, China, or anywhere where there’s just a predominant “one” type of ethnicity, you’re more prone to developing a narrow-minded mindset, right?

People who go to any church or temple, they believe that their god is the best, and for anyone else to believe in another god would be consider bad for humanity.  Look at the faiths around the world.  If I’m Christian and you’re Muslim, the press has taught us to hate each other.

I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t know what “muslim” was before September 11th, 2001.  Now in the American and British media today the muslim faith is looked at as visceral and heinous.

I told some of my students recently: “think about this – how often do you see the news in Thailand showing an image of a “black” man in handcuffs with the letters superimposed on the screen NIGERIAN SCAMMER CAUGHT?”

If you see that time and time again, you ultimately end up believing that all “black” people are bad because the suggestion from the media.

The possibility of war exists as a stern reality today solely because the principle of social heredity has not only been used as a sanctioning force in support of war, but it has actually been used as a chief agency through which the minds of men have been deliberately prepared for war.  For evidence with which to support this statement, examine any national or world history and observe how tactfully and effectively war has been glorified and so described that it not only did not shock the mind of the student, but it actually established a plausible justification of war. 

Go into public squares of our cities and observe the monuments that have been erected to the leaders of war.  Observe the posture of these statues as they stand as living symbols to glorify men who did nothing more than lead armies on escapades of destruction.


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