Napoleon Hill: Tolerance – Part III – War & More War Perpetuated

We, too, are setting up in the minds of our young a national idea, and this idea is being so effectively developed, through the principle of social heredity, that it has already become the dominating idea of the nation.

This idea is the desire for wealth.

The first question we ask about a new acquaintance is not, “who are you?” but, “What have you” And the next question we ask is, “How can we get that which you have?”

How many times have you heard this? From the business titans, to sports moguls, to pseudo-hollywood stars, etc.  Not only do we compare our lives to these “figures,” but we also want what they have and what we don’t have – which then perpetuates hate amongst everyone.  Look at the troll cities of the world such as ESPN.  This sports forum is full of grumpy old men who shower hate at athletes who have achieved so much more in life than them.  Why would people complain about another human being that doesn’t even know that they exist?

The outstanding problem of the American people today is the spirit of unrest upon the part of the masses who find the struggle for existence becoming harder and harder because the most competent brains of the country are engaged in the highly competitive attempt to accumulate wealth and to control the wealth-producing machinery of the nation.

So deeply seated has this mad desire for money become that we are perfectly willing for the other nations of the world to cut themselves to pieces in warfare so long as they do not interfere with our scramble of wealth; nor is this the saddest part of the indictment that we might render against ourselves, for we are not only willing for other nations to engage in warfare, but there is considerable reason to believe that those of us who profit by the sale of war supplies actually encourage this warfare among other nations.

BOOM! Look at everything that has happened.  How much is spent on war? Billions. Why do we keep spending on human killing machines.  I really want you to think about this.  Two years I was in Ho Chi Mihn City and the War Remnants Museum and here I was standing in front of the American killer machines that executed 1.5 million Vietnamese.  At first I took a picture with a couple of them until I read a description: “this machine has caused great casualty.”  I stepped away, looked at it and said, “I’m utterly disgusted.”

The photos, the agent orange, the bazookas and everything I saw in that five-storey museum scarred me for life.  What we think are amazing submarines, planes, and artillery is intended to kill other people.

This is what society has turned us into.  Pretty scary, huh?  Thailand recently bought submarines when they have been at war only once, against the Burmese more than two hundred years ago.  That money could’ve been put to use on infrastructure and skytrains.  However, we want to boast our power, such as what North Korea does on a monthly basis and America does on an hourly basis.

Think about everything I just said.


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