TOEIC: Phrasal Verbs: (Two-Word)

Two-word verbs are basically words that can standalone by themselves,  but have a different meaning when combined.  For example, turn means to rotate, and down means from a higher to lower position.  Together they mean to reject.  Be sure to check out the YouTube video for a more thorough understanding of them.

  1. If during our lunch hour you cannot __________ on the phone, try sending us referrals by email or fax.
  1. get to
  2. get through
  3. come by
  4. get by

2.    During tough negotiations, such as the ones we have witnessed over the last week or          so, neither side wants to _________.

  1. give in
  2. get by
  3. take hold
  4. come on

3. It is mandatory to _________ all potential hazards before marketing your product.

  1. look to
  2. look away
  3. look from
  4. look into

4. If you __________ an error in reviewing the proposal, please bring it to my attention.

  1. come on
  2. come across
  3. look to
  4. get in

5. It is understood that her closest advisor will __________ as president should she resign early.

  1. take up
  2. take over
  3. get by
  4. come about

6. This time around we need to send a representative we can _________, rather than someone who simply looks good.

  1. stand ford
  2. catch on
  3. count on
  4. find out

7. While you’re at the conference, take an afternoon to _________ and check out the competition’s booths.

  1. look out
  2. look around
  3. look for
  4. look through

8. If they refuse to meet us halfway on this point, we should not __________ them in the future.

  1. stand up
  2. deal with
  3. keep to
  4. run into

9. Since the members are unable to meet now, we have __________ the meeting until tomorrow. 

  1. taken off
  2. taken from
  3. put on
  4. put off

10. It is regrettable that two items were ___________ of the invoice and need to be added immediately.

  1. left out
  2. stood out
  3. found out
  4. cut up




Two-Word Phrasal Verbs PDF

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