Gary Vee: How I’m Crushing It (The Arsenio Buck Show’s Story)

In 2015, I made my first YouTube video in regards to TOEIC (a test preparation course for non-native English speaker to take around the globe to increase their salary).  Shortly after that, I started a podcast in early 2016.  Now, my podcast focused on different books and chapters that I can relate to in my personal life.

I stopped making YouTube videos for a while because I had numerous complaints from my job about using the Interactive whiteboard which is seen in a couple of videos.  So, I discontinued most of my YouTube videos for more than a year.  However, my podcast was on fire.  I wasn’t that consistent, but I would put out at least 3 podcasts a week in 2016.


After a teacher began stalking me on Google (who I worked with), he saw that I had a podcast and apparently “implicated” some teachers in it – this was in regards to sex tourists and wife tourists here in Thailand.  Well, that didn’t go too well and I almost discontinued my podcast because of it.  However, I fought through it and ultimately that snake ended up retiring himself from the company.

Synced In

In last 2016, I made a blog for my podcast, cleaned up my Instagram, connected my Facebook pages and created a Twitter.  Now when I post my podcast, in uploads directly onto FB and Twitter.  I then post the link episode and a fresh Instagram photo on my Instagram, telling everyone that a new episode has been uploaded and what content would be in the episode.

Late 2017 – New Market

Now, late 2017 had a hell of a lot of downs.  From being ostricized and damn near fired over lies, to ALMOST having a new job before them disappearing.  It was relentless.  However, let me highlight what exactly happened one evening with my wonderful students (who greatly suffered from my dismissal of the company due to racial discrimination – just putting it out there – lol).  One asked me if I had YouTube, so I showed them my YouTube video and realized that my views were at a whopping 2.5k for one particular test preparation video.  I said, “omg, I didn’t know that!” Because I stopped checking after a while.  Push came to shove, I went up 100% since then and I started to make videos on a routine basis.

So what does this all bring me to today?

Ok, YouTube….I make at least three videos a week.  I’m reaching out to newer markets everyday – including Albania, Andorra, Turkey, Morocco, Peru, Mexico, Taiwan, etc.  This is with NO ADVERTISING.  I’m connecting my blog and Facebook page with all the content I produce on YouTube, too.  It’s difficult to break into the Chinese market (with them not being able to access FB without VPN), but I’m still trying to grasp Weibo, which in China’s number one social media platform.  However, it’s beginning to Skyrocket.  Just recently I had Greece come on board, clicking all my blogs and watching my YouTube videos.  This won’t happen overnight, but the build-up is more exciting than an explosion.

My podcast is up and down for the most part, but a lot of my listeners are reaching out to me.  It’s pretty exciting because they’ve never reached out before until now.  I think it’s enticing to see UAE, Greece, Tunisia, Japan and other countries listening to me.  There’s nothing quite like it and the development of a community is utterly fascinating to me.

I can keep writing about it but it’s all too much to explain.  Tune into the podcast down below!



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