Napoleon Hill: Tolerance – Part IV – The Plan

War can be eliminated only by education, through the aid of the principle of subordination of the individual interests to the broader interests of the human race as a whole.  Any plan to abolish war, to be success, depends upon the successful co-ordination of effort between all the churches and schools of the world for the avowed purpose of so fertilizing the minds of the young with the idea of abolishing war that the very word “war” will strike terror in their hearts.

Napoleon Hill said this a very long time ago just before WWII if I’m not mistaken.  Amazing, huh? Because shortly after that, Hitler’s army began the genocide of Jews.  I don’t remember exactly how the world was back in the 30’s, but as Gary Vee and so many people have said, “we’re living in one of the greatest eras ever!”

Can I ask those who are reading this a question? You could be reading this the day of, a week later, month, year, 10 years, or even generations: “how bad is the world at this very moment?”

I know things have been created since the dawn of the new millennium, but there aren’t tens of thousands dying as there were back in the 70’s, 60’s and downward.

Napoleon Hill wrote something so beautiful in his book.

War can be eliminated, not by appeal to reason, but by appeal to the emotional side of humanity.  This appeal must be made by organizing and highly emotionalizing the people of different nations of the world in support of a universal plan for peace, and this plan must be forced upon the minds of the oncoming generations with the same diligent care that we now force upon the minds of our young the ideal of our respective religions.

It’s not stating the possibilities too strongly to say that the churches of the world could establish universal peace as an international ideal within one generation if they would but direct toward that end one-half of the effort which they now employ in opposing one another.

If the organized religions of the world, as they now exist, will not subordinate their individual interests and purposes to that of establishing universal peace, then the remedy lies in establishing a universal church of the world that will function through all races and whose creed will be based entirely upon the one purpose of implanting in the minds of the young the ideal of world-wide peace.

I’ve always thought about how the Olympics are.  Look at the format.  Each country walks out holding their flag, but there’s no unity happening.  There isn’t a general consensus white flag being hailed into the air, showing peach and love.  The countries, and coming out to their different songs, anthems and alfits just shows more segregation.  Really, think about it.

If all religions, churches, creeds and colors can finally unite as one, there would be no more war.  Organized effort, not individual effort.


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