Napoleon Hill: Tolerance – Part V – The End & Creed

We learned from the world war that we cannot destroy a part without weakening the whole; that when one nation or group of people is reduced to poverty and want, the remainder of the world suffers, also.  We also learned, conversely, that co-operation and tolerance are the very foundation of enduring success.

In this lesson you guys have had the opportunity to observe the application of the principles underlying the subjects of organized effort, tolerance and social heredity to an extent which must have given you much food for thought, and which must have given your imagination much room for profitable exercise.

In uncovering for you the source from which intolerance is usually developed, this lesson has led you, also, to the study of the other thought-provoking subjects which might easily mark the most profitable turning-point of your life.

The chief object of this of course is to educate, more than it is to inform — meaning by the world “educate” to educe, to draw out, and to develop within; a power that lies sleeping within you, awaiting the awakening hand of some appropriate stimulus to arouse you to action.

The Tolerance Essay

When the dawn of intelligence shall have spread its wings over the eastern horizon of progress, and Ignorance and Superstition shall have left their last footprints on the sands of Time, it will be recorded in the book of man’s crimes and mistakes that his most grievous sin was that of Intolerance!

The bitterest Intolerance grows out of racial and religious differences of opinion, as the result of early childhood training.  How long, O Master of Human Destinies, until we poor mortals will understand the folly of trying to destroy one another because of dogmas and creeds and other superficial matters over which we do not agree?

Our allotted time on this earth is but a fleeting moment, at most!

Like a candle, we are lighted, shine for a moment and flicker out! Why can we not so live during this short earthly sojourn that when the Great Caravan called Death draws up and announces this visit about finished we will be ready to fold our tents, and, like the Arabs of the Desert, silently follow the Caravan out into the Darkness of the Unknown without fear and trembling?

I am hoping that I will find no Jews, Gentiles, Catholics, or Protestants, Germans or Englishmen, Frenchmen or Russians, Blacks or Whites, Reds or Yellows, when I shall have crossed the Bar to the Other Side.

I am hoping I will find there only human Souls, Brothers and Sisters all, unmarked by race, creed or color, for shall I want to be done with Intolerance so I may lie down and rest an aeon or two, undisturbed by strife, ignorance, superstition and petty misunderstandings which mark with chaos and grief this earthly existence.


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