Gary Vee: Authenticity

“I mentioned above that a good chunk of my audience is converts, people who thought I was just a blowhard until they realized that my message was consistent and that I kept being proven right. Even if people don’t like me, few ever doubt that I’m for real. There are three things working to my advantage in this regard: number one, I genuinely don’t give a shit what people think, which allows me complete freedom to do and say what I want; number two, I care immensely what everyone thinks and will spend an insane amount of time responding to skeptics who take the time to tweet or comment their criticism, to help them see where I’m coming from; and number three, which might be more important than numbers one or two, I always respect my audience. I believe in people’s intuition, and I believe that most are very good at sniffing out hypocrisy and opportunism. ”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

I’m one of those people.  I remember seeing him (Gary Vee) sitting in front of a camera, interrupting every word Tony Robbins was trying to say.  I didn’t know exactly who he was, but I was actually there only for Tony Robbins.  Me, being from a world where people don’t interrupt other people, didn’t take it lightly (like most other people).  What did I do? Stopped watching him for a while until I saw another video of his, pleading to the camera about hustling and a few other things.  He then grew on me after his interview with Tom Bilyeau’s Impact Theory and hearing what he was saying.  All of it was factual.

Gary’s number one, which is not giving a s*** about what people think, is spot on.

Here in Thailand (having a restrictively comical culture), people are constantly worried about what “they” may be thinking.  I would walk into the store like a teacher and get treated like a 10th class citizen back in 2014.

Fast-forwarding it to present day, I run up and down the streets near gorgeous office women, rapping and singing to give myself that extra motivation and push.  Do I give a damn? No.

I am creating a brand, a big brand that’s going to take over extremely soon….and the best part about it is regardless of who I am in this country, I’m still “color.” So the best part of all of this is knowing that I’m non-existent in this country, but worldwide known.  There’s nothing I can do in public that’s going to taint who I am – and that’s so rewarding to know.

For my magnificent beings who are reading this around the world, I care about everything you’re probably thinking and saying (although I haven’t raised the temporary restriction on comments because of a spambot), but because what I’m saying is so true, that basically shows that the majority of what I’m saying is indeed – true.  The truth always trumps.

Gary Vee tweets back at the naysayers and the peasants to spew mono-syllabic phrases to destroy one’s dignity and ego.  I remember engaging in a senseless battle back in 2016 with an African American girl about what I’ve been through on a “Is Japan Racist” video.  The funniest part about it is although she was African American, she became absolutely incensed about something and all I remember her saying was, “get off your high-horse.”  I laughed and said, “excuse me, you’re wasting my time. Goodbye.”  Then a Chinese girl said something super ignorant in regards to people of color and I hurried to block them all, leaving them in shambles and their tears while I scratched my head and said, “wtf were you thinking?”

Yeah, those moments make no sense.  A story, which I’ll be talking about real soon, revolves around one of my proud fans and listeners…..I’ll leave it at that.  Tune back in April 1st (lol).

And just like his number three, I, too, respect my audience.  I love the fact that people from Central Asia, Middle-East and Africa are tuning in.  It’s fascinating.  I have wonderful muslim listeners, Africans, Anglo-Americans….etc etc.  I repeat at least once on my podcast that all of them, regardless of religion, creed, or color, are part of my tribe.

“All it takes is a single viral video of a customer getting forcibly dragged off a plane to expose a company’s crooked policies. When you disrespect your customer, you’re one social-media post away from having your whole business tumble down around you. I have no interest in taking that kind of risk, and neither should you.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

And this was ultimately the fall of United Airlines.  All it took, in the age of social media, was someone to record the abuse being given from police officers to completely discredit an airline and watch their overall shares drop dramatically over the next week.

Just know that all it takes is a comment, of any kind, being hurled at a no-face troll, which can ultimately take you down and keep you down.  Don’t be that person.


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