TOEIC-TOEFL-IELTS: What Are Your Academic Goals?

To my students all over the world, you have to initiate the power of goal-setting. Without having any goals or end-goals in mind, things will never manifest in life. I’m a living proof of that because I stayed at a job that wasn’t helping me professional, nor was suitable for my personality. It wasn’t until a situation that occurred where I finally told myself that I deserve better.

I then painted exactly what I wanted in terms of a freelance teacher/curriculum developer and now it’s happening – due to inspired action and the burning desire within to get better.

So, I get it. A lot of you want a “high” score, but we don’t know what a high score is. You have to be much more detailed. Specificity is how everything will work. Following that, you will need to develop a set of habits that will get you there.

TOEIC Students

Listen to TOEIC audios for 30 minutes a day (minimum – no excuses). I’m not asking you to circle answers and find pseudo-websites to print out material. Just listen over and over and you will ultimately end up understanding within a 2-4 week period (the threshold it takes for my students here in Thailand).

Grammar – Read!

A lot of you don’t want to read, but where I was just a few years ago, to where I am right now in terms of my writing, is a significant jump. I know how to write a variety of complex structured sentences because I committed to never-ending learning. I understand much more grammar than I did two years ago because of reading things either in books, online, or other writers. I will recommend an array of academic writing books on my next blog.

IELTS Students

Listening can be done online by just listening to the conversational audios which become readily available on YouTube. After that, you can start increasing your vocabulary with different speaking books (in my next blog), which will further increase your knowledge of vocabulary (what examiners want to see).


Writing tasks are a pain in the ass, but with Longman/Pearson Academic Writing books, you will surely get the job done. I’ve noticed so many great things in these particular books that are very intriguing and my understanding of just about everything continues to grow. These recommendations will also be in the next blog.


It’s a huge pain in the ass and learning all the vocabulary is useless, so I’ll continue making reading videos and giving examples.

TOEFL Students

You can’t learn every slang and idiom in the English dictionary, so it’s about process of elimination. The listening portions can be a huge pain, especially part III (listening to a lecture). I’ll be going over this extensively in the coming days, but I’ll also be recommending a lot of different books for you guys.  In saying that, I’m also creating practice tests for which will be made available on my website for a small price.

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