Napoleon Hill: Last Lesson – The Golden Rule

It’s time to get into the last lesson of this book.  It’s been a long and beautiful ride.  I bought this book originally in the early stages of 2016.  Since then, I bought so many other books, so I fell in and out of this one and focused on others.

Well, it’s time to begin this last lesson.

The Golden Rule philosophy is based upon a law which no man can circumvent.  This law is the same that is described in Lesson Ten, on Accurate Thought, through the operation of which one’s thoughts are transformed into reality corresponding exactly to the nature of thoughts.

Once grant the creative power of our thought and there is an end of struggling for our own way, and an end of gaining it at some one else’s expensive; for, since by the terms of the hypothesis we can create what we like, the simplest way of getting what we want is, not to snatch it from somebody else, but to make it for ourselves; and, since there is no limit to thought there can be no need for straining, and for everyone to have his own way in this manner, would be to banish all strife, want, sickness, and sorrow from earth.

If you wish to know what happens to a man when he totally disregards the law upon which the Golden Rule philosophy is based, pick out any man in your community whom you know to live for the single dominating purpose of accumulating wealth, and who has no conscientious scruples as to how he accumulates that wealth.  Study this man and you will observe that there is no warmth to his soul; there is no kindness to his words; there is no welcome to his face.  He has become a slave to the desire for wealth; he is too busy to enjoy life and too selfish to wish to help others enjoy it.  He walks, and talks, and breathes, but he is nothing but a human automation.  Yet there are many who envy such a man and wish that they might occupy his position, foolishly believing him to be a success.

There can never be success without happiness, and no man can be happy without dispensing happiness to others.  Moreover, the dispensation must be voluntary and with no other object in view than that of spreading sunshine into the hearts of those who heats are heavy-laden with burdens.


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